Moving House? Here are a Few Top Tips

Moving House? Here are a Few Top Tips Moving out cleaning services
Moving out cleaning services

Moving House? Here are a Few Top Tips | The prospect of moving house can be extremely daunting, with a mix of excitement at the thought of a whole new beginning. You should aim to start the planning process of your move as early as possible to avoid complications later down the line. After all, there is so much to consider that you’ll need to start getting prepared as early as possible. This moving guide will provide some useful tips on what to do when the time comes to move to limit your stress levels and allow for a much more streamlined process. 

1. Choose a removals firm as early as possible

Dependent on when you’re planning on moving, it’s essential to choose a removals firm as soon as you’re aware of your confirmed move date. Most people choose to move at the weekends due to being off work, so if you have the same idea, you need to plan as far ahead in advance as your schedule allows. You don’t want to be ready to move but have no transportation to move your belongings from A to B. 

However, when you simply can’t reserve a removals truck for when you need it, hiring a storage container from MI BOX will ensure you’re able to empty your property at your earliest convenience and have it picked up and taken to the new property on the day you request. This would be the most convenient method of transportation without having to worry about logistics. 

2. Have a clear-out

If you have accumulated lots of belongings over the years, it would be highly advised to have a clear-out to determine what you’d like to take with you to the new property and what you can simply do without. You don’t want to have to deal with clutter when the day comes to move into the property, so cut out the hassle and start de-cluttering. There are many ways you can do it. Firstly, have a closet refresh – if clothing no longer fits or doesn’t match your style, either choose to donate to charity or sell online. The same goes for the rest of your belongings. If it no longer serves a purpose and is simply taking up space, it would be wise to either move it on or rent a 20 yard dumpster for your junk.

3.  Take the time to clean

If you are given the keys before your move-in day, take the opportunity to clean your new property from top to bottom. After all, you can’t be sure of the condition that it has been left in once the old owners leave and ensures that there is no bacteria lurking around. In doing so, it will limit additional work onto your already long list once you move into the property. It gives you time to properly assess whether you need to call in a professional to carry out a thorough clean before you move in your furniture and boxes.

By taking note of the above three tips when moving house, you should find the process a lot less stressful. 

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