Motorcycle Road Trip Tips (Infographic)

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Some say that riding a motorcycle is a very dangerous activity a motorist. Well, you can’t blame them because once you crash into another vehicle or just any huge object, in particular, the laws of physics would not spare your poor body from painful circumstances.

On the contrary, some argue that riding with a motorcycle is the best way to travel. We can’t blame them. Compared to riding cars, motorcycles are easier to clean, faster to drive, and very gas-efficient. Motorcycles also cost cheaper than cars. Plus, they can get out of traffic quickly. There is no wonder why more and more people are getting into motorcycles, especially in cities with jampacked roads every day.

Actually, there are more benefits in riding a motorcycle, these include:

  1. Motorcycles are better for the environment– Motorcycles consume less gasoline than cars and buses, so it’s no surprise that its contribution to greenhouse gas is minimal. Compared to cars, bikes can just swerve into traffic which means that they can rest the motorcycle quicker.
  2. Motorcycle riding has health benefits– Riding a motorcycle requires proper posture to maintain balance on the road. Every time that you ride your bike, your neck, core, and back muscles are being exercised as they are needed to stay in the same position. Not only that but riding a bike also strengthens your knees and thighs. Moreover, the best benefit arguably in riding a motorcycle is the fact that it boosts your insulin sensitivity which promotes fast metabolism. You are more likely to burn 40 calories in an hour riding a bike compared to riding a car.
  3. Motorcycle riding can improve your mind– Not only motorcycle riding can improve you physically, but it can also be a great help for your mental health. Riding your bike improves your concentration, which you need to be balanced and aware of your surroundings at the same time. Every time you accelerate on the road, your body releases endorphins from the adrenaline rush that you feel. It is scientifically proven that endorphins boost and improve your mood. So, if you think you are having a bad day, try cruising a little bit.
  4. Motorcycles can make you feel confident – Riding a bike can make you feel a lot cooler as well. You have watched it in the movies, bikers are the ones who are a free spirit, cool, and adventurous. This can get you the attention of the opposite sex. Because of this, riding a bike can somehow make you confident about yourself. And when you say cool, you can say that you are literally feeling cool when riding a motorbike because as you go to the distance, the natural burst of air goes directly at you.
  5. Motorcycles are great for road trips– Cars are great in road trips if you talk about the number of people that could be with you and the number of items that you can store inside a car. But, if you are traveling alone or with other fellow riders, it is better to drive motorcycles if you want to be one with nature and appreciate the scenic view of the road. Riding bikes enable you to tour around places freely without feeling that you are inside another zone.

Speaking of motorcycles in road trips, here is an infographic from iChoose that you can view if you want some tips on that motorcycle road trip that you are planning.