Motivational Interviewing Techniques You Can Learn from Classes

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Negosentro.comMotivational Interviewing Techniques | You may ask yourself what does motivational interviewing skills have to do with person to person sales. You will be talking to people one on one and to do this you will need skills so that you can land the sale. You will have to reach the people and make them want your product. 

One of the ways to help you with motivational interviewing skills is by taking some Motivational interviewing training classes. These classes will give you the skills you need to to land sales and be able to talk to people the right way and make them understand you. You need the confidence to make a speech and use that speech in front of people.

You may face clients that do not like sales people and you will need to know how to deal with them and change their minds about sales people. They may not listen to you or even respect your time, they may even be rude or mean to you. This can be hurtful but with motivational interviewing skills you will know how to handle yourself in these situations and you will be able to gain the clients trust enough that they will stop and listen for a few minutes. You will need to know what to say and how to say it to get the clients to the time out and listen to you. 

You will need to have an emotional connection with the client. Get connected to them and understand them, feel their pain, listen to their stories, tell stories of your own, make them feel what you feel by using words but not being aggressive. 

To get the clients to talk to you, you will need to ask open ended questions. By asking a question they have to answer with more than one word, they will begin to talk to you more and this will expand your conversation. Open ended questions will give you a window into your clients world and give you a view of how you see things and what perspective they see things from. Open ended questions will allow your client to do more of the talking and they will begin asking you questions and this will make them more involved in the sale. 

Right now your goal is to gather information from the client by feeling how they feel, reading facial cues, listening to their words to see if they are a good prospect as client for you. If you feel they can not use your product, then you either need to let them know and move on or keep talking to be friendly. Do not sale something to the client they will not receive a benefit from. 

Lastly you will want to use reflective listening. This is where you use words such as I herd you say, It sounds like, It seems as if or I get the sense that plus many more. This lets the client know you are listening to them and are willing to hear what they are saying plus you are clarifying what they say to you. This will build trust with your client and give you a good foundation for a conversation.

To do all the things we talked about in this article you will need to take some sort of motivational interview class so that you learn all the skills you need to successfully get new clients and keep them. Once you get clients you will be able to keep them because you will know how to talk to them to make them listen to you. Just simply listen to them and get them talking to you.

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