Most Fun and Exciting Things To Do in Miami According to Locals

Most Fun and Exciting Things To Do in Miami
Image source: | Most Fun and Exciting Things To Do in Miami According to Locals | Miami is one of the best-known places in the USA, aside from New York City and Los Angeles. It often symbolizes adventure, excitement, and a laid-back way of living. If you’re someone who loves to experience new things, then Miami should definitely be on your to-visit list if you ever happen to be in the United States. So for that reason, here are some of the most exciting and fun things that you could do, according to locals.

Enjoy the street art at the Wynwood Walls

In the past two decades or so, street art has become a legitimate form of art, and since Miami is such a diverse area, it makes sense that it’s prominent here. The Wynwood Walls is Miami’s first, and so far the only, open street art museum. Located in the Wynwood Art District, this place has become the symbol of graffiti art, with an amazing roster of over 50 murals made by some of the most renowned street artists in the world. Aside from admiring art, you can also enjoy various activities such as mural painting and taking art classes.

Have fun snorkeling and swimming

The beach culture is a huge part of Miami’s identity, so if you’re going to relax and enjoy water sports, then you should definitely visit the Keys, mainly Key Lago. The place, located about an hour away from the city, offers amazing opportunities for snorkeling and swimming. If you’re a fan of water sports activities, then feel free to check out Coral Reef State Park, as that’s where you’ll have the best snorkeling in the area. In case you’re only planning to swim, then this is where you should do it, especially since there are no reservations required.

Visit Sunset Harbor for true local experience

In case you want a truly local experience, then Sunset Harbor should definitely be on your itinerary. Sunset Harbor is a part of Miami’s South Beach, and this neighborhood is known for its glamorous nightlife, exclusive shops, bars, and restaurants. There are so many options of clubbing, drinking, rest, and relaxation, so finding something fun to do won’t be an issue. And if you’re looking to explore Miami in its full beauty and glory, then feel free to book Miami tours that offer the best sightseeing opportunities and comprehensive experience for different ages and preferences. If it’s your first time visiting Miami, then opting for a guided tour is a great way to check the pulse, so you’ll be able to blend in with locals next time you decide to visit.

Explore amazing restaurants and other enticing eateries

Miami has a diverse population, mainly from Latin American, and specifically, Cuban origin. Since Cuba is quite close, then it makes sense that this place is abundant with Cuban and Cuban-inspired restaurants. However, if you want to try something extra, feel free to visit Miami Beach, which offers many more international options. There’s even a whimsical and elegant place that combines Spanish and Moroccan cuisines, topped with sultry jazz music. If you’re a fan of vintage and nostalgic food, spaces, decor, and music, then feel free to check this place out.

Go to the Museum of Science

The Philip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science is a true gem of Downtown Miami’s Bayfront Park. This place is vast and offers comprehensive ways to immerse yourself in the world of science and learning. There’s a planetarium, two science galleries, and an aquarium, which is why this is a great place to visit if you want to enjoy a family-friendly activity. With all the fun amenities, it’s safe to say that this place will charm adults and children alike.

Have some fun in the monkey jungle

The place is, located in Southwest Miami, is not so much a zoo, and more of a conservation spot and observation park, perfect for all the animal enthusiasts out there. It is also a home to over 500 primates and about 18 different types of apes and monkeys. The animals live in semi-natural habitats, that let them to live just like they would in the wild. Therefore, this place shouldn’t be treated as a regular zoo, but more of a place that offers wildlife experience from up-close.


Miami has so much to offer, so if you ever find yourself in Florida, then you should visit it at least for one day. From upscale bars, clubs, and restaurants, to amazing museums, art galleries, and beaches, it’s very likely that you’ll enjoy sightseeing in Miami, and you’ll want to come back again.


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