Moment of Truth: Is cycling an e-bike really an exercise?

by Michael Jason, |

It is often said that health is wealth. It is also true that exercise is essential for good health. Numerous studies have shown that those who exercise frequently are less likely to develop heart diseases, hypertension, diabetes, and depression. Most people say lack of time is the reason why they don’t exercise.

Try E-bikes

E-bikes can help a great deal if this is the reason why you are not exercising. Instead of going to work by bus, you can climb onto your electric bike and cycle all the way to work. Since you don’t do most of the pedalling, you are less likely to be tired or sweaty when you get to work. In addition to exercising, you will have saved time on the way, especially if you live in a city with sickening traffic jams.

With the introduction of e-bikes into the market, people are wondering whether it will be a good tool for exercise. The big question they are asking is, if the electric motor is doing the work, then what exercise does it help with? Is riding an e-bike even exercise in the first place?

Multiple Benefits

Well, most electric bikes have been designed in such a way that they aid in pedalling. This means that you have to make some effort. As such, it helps you to cycle uphill more easily. However, that doesn’t mean you sit back and do nothing. The body is burning calories and you are exercising your body.

Riding e-bikes also helps to build core strength. E-bikes are heavier than normal bikes because of the additional components; this makes it tax the body during the periods between pedalling. As a result, it helps in building the strength of the body.

As you pedal your electric bike, your heart rate increases and thus improves blood flow in the body. This is better than the sedentary life of just sitting in a bus and again waiting to sit in the office. Sitting most of the day is detrimental to your health; it can cause chronic back aches that you can avoid.

Most electric bikes give you the option to choose the amount of assistance that you want to be given. So you can choose to be assisted more when you are moving to work in the morning to avoid sweating and then choose little or no assistance when going back home after work.

When you use ebikes, you are likely to go for long distances during exercise. If you are using minimum assistance from the motor, you are likely to burn many calories and still enjoy the exercise.


Electric bikes can also be a useful tool for exercise if you have health problems like knee injuries and you are unable to use the normal bikes. The e-bikes will keep your body fit unlike when you sit and wait for your body to heal.


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