Molito Alabang: the newest lifestyle center in the south


Irene Tria | Negosentro

Driving to South can be extremely demanding (someone from North). Approximately, 4-5 hrs if I’m on a public transportation and almost 3 hrs if I’m on a private vehicle. It’s as if I’m traveling to another dimension (naah just kidding) but seriously, it feels like I’m traveling to Batangas already.

So when I’m in South, I feel like a tourist hehehe.

Anyway, last April 25, I was invited to the Molito Alabang Cool Summer Fest event press conference which will be happening on the 13th and 14th of May. I was quite anxious on how am I gonna get there.  But I’m always up for the challenge, so I bravely went to Alabang on a public transportation. Exhausted from the scorching heat of the sun, I end up walking from Metro mall Alabang to Molito.

I didn’t know that Molito is actually a lifestyle center, though it was some sort of a mall.

Molito is Spanish word which connotes a “little mall”, situated in Alabang, Muntinlupa City. During the 80’s Molito the popular amusement park “Big Bang sa Alabang” from a barren land, now home to the ideal and thriving lifestyle destination in the south.

The lifestyle area, built in 2012, has different restaurants, cafés and specialty shops that features dining and entertainment in an outdoor setting.  It offers a wide-array of unique cuisines that will surely enthuses one’s cravings.

It’s peaceful and breezy ambiance is perfect for relaxation, family dining, get-togethers, business meetings or to just simply chill the night out while having your favorite drink or coffee.  Indeed, Molito is a place for those who want to lighten up away from the crowd.

Molito has a colorful floor fountain that matches the beautiful green lawn where children can play and the landscape is very conducive to casual chilling amidst the night wind.

Soon, the Molito Lifestyle Extension area will open showcasing new restaurants, health and wellness establishments, retail and other lifestyle shops. With its mix of stores, Molito will cater to the needs of different customers that will definitely suit their lifestyle preferences.

Aside from the lifestyle area, MOLITO Alabang has its service-oriented Building 3 along Alabang-Zapote Road.  It houses different food stalls, bazaars, business services, retail shops, Puregold Supermarket and other food establishments.

MOLITO Alabang is indeed a true haven for those who love simplicity and elegance. It continues to aspire to make one’s stay a worthwhile experience because MOLITO believes that what matters is the personal connections that kindles our love for community life in our own distinct styles.

Now I guess I have a reason to visit the south once in a while. =)

Molito Alabang

Molito Alabang

MOLITO Alabang is located at Madrigal Avenue corner Alabang-Zapote Road, Alabang, Muntinlupa City and owned and operated by Belville Development Corporation.