Missing Smoking Cigarettes? Here are 5 Alternatives

Missing Smoking Cigarettes? Here are 5 Alternatives

Missing Smoking Cigarettes? Here are 5 Alternatives | Giving up smoking tobacco cigarettes is difficult. Thankfully, several great products on the market can assist you in quitting. These products can be used to curb your craving to light up daily and hopefully lead to you giving up tobacco and nicotine for good.

Best Alternatives To Tobacco Cigarettes

  • Vaping

Vaping can be a good alternative to smoking cigarettes for many individuals. Vapes are small machines that turn “vape juice” into a vapor that can be inhaled and released. You can purchase the juices in almost any flavor you can imagine. The juices are also available with different levels of nicotine so that you can step yourself down slowly to 0.

Vaping can be viewed as obnoxious though because it produces a lot of vapor and people that are unfamiliar may think it harmful smoke and become agitated with you for doing it around them. It is hard to vape in public without it becoming a nuisance 

  • Hemp Cigarettes

Hemp Cigarettes are packaged and smoked just like traditional cigarettes. They contain no tobacco and are completely nicotine-free. Instead, they are naturally infused with CBD which has a similar effect on the brain to nicotine. Many people swap to hemp cigarettes to avoid the harmful carcinogens that are in tobacco products. 

Hemp Cigarettes are a great option if you do not want to make a big deal out of quitting. When others see you smoking they will have no idea that you are now choosing hemp over tobacco. This allows you to not feel awkward around your friends that still smoke and you still get your smoke break at work. 🙂

  • Nicotine Replacement Products

For many people, the biggest thing they miss about smoking is nicotine. There are several products on the market that you can use to help and curve your nicotine cravings while you are trying to give up tobacco cigarettes. Most of these products are made to give you different size doses and allow your to slowly ween yourself off of nicotine.

You can buy nicotine replacement products in most pharmacies and you can find them in patches, gum, and inhalers in most cases. Each option has its pros and cons but each one is an effective way to dose yourself with nicotine and help yourself to scratch your urge for a tobacco cigarette.

  • CBD Patches

CBD Patches work the same as nicotine patches. It will provide you with a steady dose of CBD thought the day. This can help curve your cravings for tobacco cigarettes. CBD has a similar effect on the brain to nicotine. It is however completely safe and 100% natural.

  • Oxegen Cigarettes

Oxegen cigarettes are very similar in mechanics to vapes but it releases 100% pure oxygen for the user to inhale. This is supposed to mimic the effect that nicotine has on the brain. You need to make sure you are incredibly careful when using this daily because it can cause you to become high pretty easily.

You Will Never Say Those 3 Words Again

Now that you know that there are alternatives to tobacco cigarettes, you will never have to say the 3 words “I miss smoking” again. It is time for you to do your research and pick a product that will work for you and your lifestyle. Just imagine, you can still go out to the bar and enjoy a hemp cigarette and no one has to know that you choose to stop smoking. Stop imagining go ahead and treat yourself to a pack of them and you will be enjoying a relaxing smoke before you know it.