Mastering the Art of Advertising for Your Brand

Art of Advertising digital-advertising-marketing | In today’s oversaturated business arena, no business big or small can afford to miss out on potentially profitable advertising methods. With so much competition around, and more appearing on a daily basis, getting more brand awareness and visibility is the number one priority most businesses focus on today. Considering the constantly evolving nature of the modern market, you need to step up your advertising game and include some of the most innovative and time-tested approaches that can help your brand thrive.

Some of the following advertising ideas might be familiar, some might be entirely new to your company, but you can mix and match to your preferences and utilize them to get the word out and make your brand stand out in the crowd. 

Work with an influencer

Having a vivid Instagram feed nowadays is no longer an option, but a must for pretty much any brand that wants to work with the younger generations such as Millennials or Gen Z. These young, authentic individuals make a vast majority of their purchase decisions during their socializing time, and they are affected by what their role-models post and approve of online. So, if their favorite NY mom posts a positive review of your brand new athleisure line or your cookware collection – her own followers will be far more likely to give you a chance.

However, this is definitely not a one-time approach. Focus on building long-term relationships with influencers in your niche. This is the only way to ensure you’re the right match, and that they will be able to represent your brand in a genuine manner through every sponsored post they publish.

Hit the local events

Have you noticed the lightning-speed growth of the Australian market recently? It’s a true business beehive, and in such a popular place, it pays to know how to steal the spotlight and get in front of your target audience. To locate the best trending events, make sure you know what’s on the Sunshine Coast and where you can show up with your brand to talk to your potential customers, network, and spread the word.

These local gatherings, seminars, parties, conferences, and festivals are perfect opportunities for any brand to make a memorable first impression and get to know its existing local clientele. One-on-one communication enables greater trust to form and it gives you the chance to get genuine feedback on what you can improve – not just sell directly on the spot.

Get an interview with a magazine

One of those old-school methods that still work wonders for any modern brand includes the traditional highlight spot in a newspaper or a magazine. If you can make it to the cover, all the better, but rest assured that even your basic getting-to-know-the-owner interview can serve as a perfect, subtle ad for your company or a brand new collection of products that you’re planning to launch.

A more modern take on this written format is a podcast or a guest at a show, both of which can be a wonderful way to get more media exposure for your brand if you know that they do enjoy listening to that particular channel or watching that program – otherwise you’ll be simply talking to a wall of disinterest. If your audience loves the American favorite podcast Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness, imagine how much this would skyrocket your brand’s likability if you would manage to find yourself in such an extraordinary interview?

Use social channels

In addition to influencer marketing bonds, social media is an endless well of possibilities for advertising your brand – and yes, it spans well beyond the typical sponsored ad posts you’ll pay for anyway. Of course, a portion of your advertising efforts should be paid for, but the majority of your customer engagement will likely come from when and what you post as a brand.

Engaging videos, contests that offer freebies and discounts, sharing customer reviews, asking relevant questions, these are all ways to advertise your brand without actually advertising. The shares, likes, and communication you’ll generate will be more than enough to get more people to visit your website and get to know your brand better. Make sure to conduct regular analysis of your social strategies, so as to make changes when you notice a certain approach inspires a significantly better reaction as opposed to your other, less fruitful methods.

Old but gold tangible methods

Who knew that billboards and printable items still have their place in the advertising world? Well, if you work in a local ecosystem, then having your brand’s logo plastered across a huge panel can indeed get more people to notice you. However, being present at local events, handing out your business cards, flyers, and coupons even can help generate more interest in your brand.

On a more digital note, an email campaign makes for another well-established strategy to advertise to your subscribers and reignite their interest after they haven’t’ visited your store for a while. You may also do advertising on an ad network of your choice. his makes far more sense for brands that have a more international audience and work on a global level.

While advertising is only one piece of the ever-evolving marketing puzzle in your brand strategy, it still brings invaluable benefits for your long-term success. Take these tips to heart and you’ll let your business get more traction and build a stronger reputation down the road.

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