Manila International Auto Show Now On Its 12th Run

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By Ann Gabriel | Negosentro

Attention all car enthusiasts! The Manila International Auto Show (MIAS), Philippine’s largest motor show, will stage its 12th year of world class auto exhibitions on April 7-10, 2016 from 10am-10pm at the World Trade Center, Pasay City.

Formerly known as The Manila International Motor Show, the annual premier event is a venue for car enthusiasts and buyers to take a closer look at the latest concepts, models and participate in car competitions and recognitions. Held every summer, MIAS is also considered as the biggest motoring driving event in the Philippines.

What excites car enthusiasts aside from the wide range of brand new cars and the hybrid ones, is the enlivening test drives, both on road and off road. This is your chance to take your dream cars for a ride and experience its best.

Expect to see high-tech automobile features as MIAS 2016 follows SMART MOBILITY as its theme. Don’t get surprised to see cars driving on its own. The event will also feature Russ Swift, Guinness World Record holder with the fastest car parking skills. Exciting isn’t it?

With 20,000 square meter exhibition area, it’s also a good catch for interested car buyers. Hundreds of cars will be put into exhibits. Visitors can avail special deals on cars and accessories through the BPI autoloan. Grab the chance to ask what other exciting developments are in store to help you upgrade and make the most of your car.

Of course,  car shows would never be complete without the gorgeous ladies in their rocking sexy outfits. The lady ambassadors are also worth the visit.


• 9 square meters (3m x 3m)

• Booth system 1m (w) x 8ft panels supported by white powder coated aluminum framing system

• Two (2) 40 watt fluorescent lamps

• 0.35m wide fascia board with company name

• One (1) utility table

• two (2) utility chairs

• Needle punch carpet lay direct to floor

• Convenience outlet (exclusive of electrical consumption)

LOCAL: Php50,000 (exclusive of VAT)

FOREIGN: USD2,000 (standard rate for all booths)


Entrance fee: 100

Senior Citizens: 80