What Do Management and Supervisory Leadership Entail?

Management Managing Foreign Workers

Management, from the word itself, means engaging with the people and its resources throughout an organization so that goals and objectives would be achieved. Organizations are considered as systems which need people to do the processes, and leaders to lead them.

In an organization, there could be different kinds or branches of management. These include human resource, operations, marketing, financial management, and the like. Management does not only do one job, rather, it performs various functions. The first step involves planning. Together with the people responsible for the organization, they would decide on the steps needed to be taken in the future. Leading follows, wherein the designated leader determines the actions needed to be done with a given situation and who does these tasks. Organization is when the leader implements a system within the organization in which the people would follow. When some things misalign or when adjustments are needed to be made, then controlling would happen.

Decision making is also an important process in a management. Though a leader has the formal right in coming up with decisions, even the employees and the people involved should have a say, especially when it would affect everyone. Having this said, a leader really has a critical role in any organization. The desired results would only be achieved when he has effectively guided, controlled, and motivated his team to do tasks.

Because leadership isn’t just a simple task, certain knowledge and skills must be possessed in order to effectively manage an organization. Though leadership and management may differ in some aspects, there would be elements in which a person could both possess to carry out a more effective role.

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