Making a Home Office Extension: Your Short Guide

Making a Home Office Extension: Your Short Guide 2021 - Negosentro

Negosentro| Making a Home Office Extension: You’re Short Guide |For many office workers and entrepreneurs, the lockdown precipitated by the coronavirus crisis has laid bare the inadequacies of their home for the purpose of hard, diligent work. Sharing your space with family and children every hour of the day can be frustrating and difficult, and often the quality of your work and the depth of your concentration are compromised by being within your home. The solution? Building a home office extension, as described in this short guide. 

Identify Your Plan

First up, you’re going to need to think about where your home office extension will go. Generally, home office extensions are built in two ways: the first sees you create an ‘out house’ in your garden where you’ll go to do your work. The second involves extending from your home — again, into your garden — in order for you to create a new room which will become your office.

In both cases, you’re going to need to talk to planners, builders and architects in order to get the home office extension plans verified and signed off. There may be local regulations which prevent you from fulfilling your plans and these you should pay particular attention to before starting any project on your land and within your home.

Readying the Foundations

Now you’re ready to begin the work on your home extension. Of course, you’ll want the help of builders and professionals throughout this process, but that’s not to say that you won’t be able to personally do some of the work that’ll help you get your extension built. You need to dig out the foundations of your new extension as a first task and you’ll hire a Concrete Dumpster in which you’ll place the heavy refuse from this operation.

Meanwhile, your builders will help you understand how deep to dig and where the foundations will be laid. This will vary greatly from home to home, and as such, it’s wise to simply follow the advice of your builders where you can. They’ll do the key work of laying foundation stones and ensuring that your floor is both stable and level, ready for the next stage.

Building the Extension 

This is the most disruptive and hands-on part of your home extension plan and can take a number of months to finish smoothly. As such, it’s worth setting aside time for you and your family to vacate the home during the most disruptive periods of work. You’ll need to be in constant liaison with builders at this stage, too, to help them do the job as quickly as possible.

The most important part of your responsibilities when your home is being extended is to ensure that the builders are working as hard and as diligently as possible in order to get your extension finished on time and tobudget. You’ll act as the overseer, and that’s what will get your extension finished to the standard that you desire.

Building a small home extension for our new home office is easy.It just takes planning and monetary investment to have a safe and secure place from which to work from home in the future.

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