How to Make a Small Office Look Professional

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Levi Yearling, Negosentro | Spending eight or nine a day in a boring and uninspiring space will probably make you hate your job in a matter of months. However, if you change just a few things about it, you’ll turn it into something more professional, but also more personal and homelier, which will make you feel better and pave your way to success. The way we perceive the space around us determines the way we perceive our jobs as well, and the cozier our office is, the better we’ll feel about it. Therefore, here are a few things that might help you spice things up a bit and create a more professional and enjoyable office space in just a day or two.

Office space and productivity

Your office space affects your productivity – and it has been doing so for almost an entire century – but the question is what you can do about it. Trying to be the employee of the month is never easy if you’re stuck in an inadequately illuminated space with no natural lighting and poor air quality, so you need to change the scenery. Open the windows as soon as you arrive to work in the morning and keep them open more frequently, particularly in the spring. This small intervention will instantly make your office more enjoyable and professional, while significantly boosting your motivation and inspiration at the same time.

Keeping it tidy

Of the best ways to make your office seem more professional is to keep it tidy – of course, you don’t need to clean it every single day, but try to declutter and organize it as often as possible. Keeping all your possessions in order can be quite tiring and boring, but that’s definitely something your potential clients and business associates are going to notice upon entering your office. A dirty, messy and cluttered office sends the wrong message and is going to show them you’re an unorganized and unprofessional person – and nobody wants to do business with those kinds of people.

Professional wall colors

Whether you’re deciding which color to use for your walls or ordering a new wallpaper, you need to keep in mind that your office should convey a certain message and show how professional you are. That’s why certain colors – pink, lime, white or grey – are just off the table because they look too unprofessional and amateurish. Instead, opt for red, blue or green, as well as various earthly tones, because these aren’t just soothing and professional, but will also match your office furniture. In the end, finish things off with sturdy entry doors that give off a professional vibe and also complement your color scheme, turning your office into an enjoyable and pleasant space.

Organize the desk

Your desk is the focal point of the entire office and everyone who visits you is going to pay attention to. That’s why it needs to be spotless at all times. Besides keeping it clutter-free and clean, you should also organize your cables and add a couple of small things that will make it seem more professional than ever – from fresh flowers or a few smaller succulents everyone loves, to a trendy desk organizer that will hold all your essentials in one place. This way, both you and your office will appear more professional and make a great first impression on your colleagues.

Add a personal touch

One of the questions that bothers business executives all over the world is how personal an office space can become – it shouldn’t turn into their private playground, but it still needs to set the right tone and show their private side. So, don’t be afraid to add a few personal touches to your office and display your family photos or childhood memorabilia with pride. Just a handful of details will make you feel better about spending the bigger part of your day stuck behind a desk, but also make your office cozier, which is something we all need.

Turning your office into a professional space can take quite some time and you might need to invest a considerable amount of your free time into it, but once you’re done decorating and organizing it, you’ll be inspired and ready to make the most of your working day!

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