How to Make the Perfect First Impression to Ace that Job Interview

New Job Interview

by Cindy Del Rio, |

You’ve got the talent. You’ve got the qualifications. You’ve got the experience.

You’ve labored long and hard over that resume that tells the company that you are the best candidate possible for the vacant position. You’ve done your homework and you’re a pro when it comes to in-depth knowledge about the company where you’re applying for a job.

So, What are the Factors that Can Help You Ace that Job Interview?

Search the internet and you’ll come across tons of dos and don’ts telling you how to dress and conduct yourself. And, one of the first things they’ll tell you is the importance of creating that perfect first impression. How you present yourself, your demeanor, the confidence you display….every one of these factors can dictate whether or not you’ll get the post. Remember, if you’re here for the job interview, it means that you have the necessary qualifications. All that remains is proving that you also have the personality for the position.

Is that All it Takes? Let’s Ask the Interviewers Themselves

According to the Daily Mail, interviewers decide within 6 to 7 minutes if they’re going to hire you. 73% of them base their decision on your dressing and personality while 55% assess your confidence by your handshake. 60% of hiring managers make up their mind about you depending on the other interests you talk about during the informal chat. At least, 71% will likely reject you if they spot a tattoo or piercings. Of course, all of these factors are also related to the kind of job you’re looking for. If you’re interviewing for the post of a DJ, tattoos and piercings might actually get you your acceptance letter. But, if it’s a managerial post in a company you’re looking for, these factors are a definite no-no.

The Confidence You Display in the Waiting Room Counts

Companies these days may have a more comprehensive approach to their hiring procedures. They may want to assess candidates for their self-assurance while they’re in the waiting room. Tapping feet, pacing around, visiting the restroom a couple of times, chewing gum, fixing hair, and drumming fingers all indicate unease. How you interact with the receptionist can also affect your chances of acing the job interview. A good option is to use the time to check through your resume, ensure that your degrees and certificates are sorted in the right order. You could also do a little more research on the company and the interviewers if you know who they are. Any added information is always useful.

Dressing Right

Studies show that 65% of interviewers expect that you’ll be smartly dressed with neat, well maintained clothes. While that is always the deciding factor of your job interview, you might want to check with the culture of the company. That’s because, many employers may not favor candidates that have on trendy attire. If the rest of the employees are walking around in casual jeans and shirts, you might not want to show up in a crisp business suit. Follow the company dress code but throw on a smart jacket for the interview.

Your Gestures Speak Louder than Words

How you act and use your hands says a lot about you. When you enter the meeting room, be the first to extend your hand in greeting. Smile and wait to be asked to sit. Crossing your arms across your chest indicates aloofness and will likely put off 21% of the interviewers. Using gestures to stress your point is a good thing, but too much flapping around can affect your chances of acing that job interview by almost 10%. Fidgeting too much can kill your probability of getting the post by 33% while playing with your hair can affect one-fifth of your chances.

On the Subject of Hair – Ladies, Keep it Neat

How you wear your hair says a lot about who you are and your personality. Interviewers may also base their impressions about your suitability for the job on the kind of hairdo you sport. Women can choose to wear their hair in a simple ponytail or a bun at the nape of their neck. Or, they may pin it behind one ear or opt for a short style that spells confidence, style and sophistication. Whatever may be the style you sport, take care that it is always neat and low maintenance. Loose, flyaway strands, and unruly hair will make you want to fix it and that distracts hiring managers from your responses to their questions during the job interview.

What Men Should Project

Men can try short smart cuts off their ears and forehead to indicate the smart professional. If you’re losing hair and have bald patches, take care to absolutely avoid comb-overs and fringe hair. A better option is to shave off your hair completely to project the persona of a dominant go-getter. However, to carry off this look, you’ll need to combine it with a toned, athletic physique. If you think, your confidence in the job interview is linked to your tresses, consider getting treatments that can help you get back a full head of hair. As the experts at the BHRC, center for hair restoration in Beverly Hills advise, you can try hair transplants or LTS Red/Green Light procedures.

What will and won’t work during the job interview is a question that’s been discussed extensively. And, every candidate who’s been successful at landing his or her dream job will have opinions about what she said right or the sense of humor he displayed. While all the above factors count (as surveys on hiring managers have proved), ultimately what works is the sincerity and confidence you display. Allow your honesty, integrity, and willingness to commit to the progress of the company shine through, and you’re sure to land the job you want.