Major challenges faced by Mobile App Developers in Enterprise Mobility

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Enterprises comprise of people, process and technologies. With the help of these technologies the process to attain their end goals becomes way easier for employees and customers.

This is how computing devices in various forms, applications and networks encourage people to attach to an enterprise like employees, contractors and customers or consumers of the products of the enterprise in order to use the latest technologies that includes mobiles and cloud computing technologies to carry out the tasks of business.

Mobility Challenges of Enterprises

We saw enterprises thrive on the intranet and the Internet with strict firewalls. There were closed ad wired network that ease the tasks of IT department so this way managing enterprise security was way easier.

Nowadays enterprises come across new challenges such as mobile devices and wireless networks. Employees move with their client devices and mobile networks/Internet and cloud technologies that allow them easy access to the enterprise IT system and its databases.

Security as the Biggest Challenge

With BYOD, the hope of controlled IT environment died out as it introduced huge fragmentations in hardware and software/OS. Thus, security, which is a major concern in enterprise mobility has challenged while the responsibility also came to the mobile app developers to get the security issues mitigated from the development stages itself.

You can best deal with security issues by taking multiple way approaches that include manage apps instead of devices and an amazing Mobile Application solution lessens the problem in a beautiful manner. This is what mobile app developers must focus on from the designing and development stage itself.

Operational Swiftness & Data Accessibility

Through Data accessibility making informed decision at each level becomes way easier while it is the major concern of the IT department when the performance is in focus. With enterprises you find some static data whereas many live data that are updated in real-time and their access in real-time make a lot of sense to CESs and managerial level of employees.

This way secure access of enterprise data presents a major challenge to the IT department along with the mobile developers designing apps so that data is shared inside and outside of the enterprise firewalls.

You get enhanced performance with operational swiftness while for consistent performance backup is vital. At the same time emergency help of app developers is obligatory in adverse situations.

Beating Fragmentations

As it comes to enterprises, BYOD is the reason of hardware and OS fragmentations as it implements mobility. We saw platform fragmentation pose a lot of problem in most cases for mobile developers while it adsorbed the investment budget in a clear manner in so that different apps could be developed for different native platform compatibility.

Meanwhile, in the case of Android apps, it proves to be acute and daunting as testing efficiencies are a point of concern. This way in order to beat fragmentation issues you require experts and experienced team or company of mobile application developers.

Strong Network Infrastructure

The success in enterprise mobility depends a lot on the consistent mobile network and Internet accessibility. Thus way, It department needs to work additionally on the network architecture design prior to mobile solutions are designed and programmed for the enterprise.

Streamlining the entire system is essential as there are components that work remotely in the field or customers that connect from the offshore destinations of the numerous locations at a time.


In order to ensure constant growth of the enterprise, you need to meet the mobility challenges from the advanced and legacy system users. It’s the expectations of customers and employees posing tricky issues for the mobile developers and they must be addressed at security fronts and performance fronts.

When you have a team of skilled and seasoned mobile app developers, designers, business analysts, UX developers and QA professionals then the success will come to you in a smooth manner. They can take enterprise mobility challenges and successful results are sure to come your way.

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