Lock N Load: What It’s Like To Join The Burger Joint Hype


Mitzi Ilagan | Negosentro.com

It’s not a surprise that most Filipinos are getting burgers into their daily diet nowadays. Aside from it is convenient to eat, it’s almost everywhere. Next thing you know, the space next to your office will be a burger joint soon. Some just want to hop into the bandwagon, but for some, it’s something deeper than that.

Lock N Load Burgers & Chills takes burgers into a whole new experience. Basically, Lock N Load is a burger joint in Batangas City with a nearby newly-opened branch. Its theme revolves around underground bands, and obviously, the burgers were also named after those bands. The overall atmosphere of the burger joint feels as comfy as walking down the streets, as its walls are painted red, black, and yellow, same as the colors of street signages and barricades.



It was really a product of the founder’s love for burgers. As a kid, he grew up with a family who dines out at restaurants whenever convenient. And from all the food that he has ever tasted, burgers and sandwiches are his favorites. From that liking, he came up with the idea of creating a business, especially after tasting Hey Ho’s burgers.


This business, apparently, wasn’t established to compete with other burger joints around the area, or even within the province. This may set Lock N Load apart from others, because they are not really into popularity. They are into preparing and serving what’s best from their own-recipe patties and unique burgers. Theirs aren’t just about layers of bun, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, patty, and mayonnaise. Their burgers include particular dressings and add-ons such as garlic aioli ranch, sweet chili sauce, orange marmalade, pickles, spam, and even tocino. Plus, their menu is divided into two, depending on the price range. One set includes budget burgers (P49-99), while the other one includes 1/3 pound burgers(P100-350). This is a good strategy, because either way, you could afford a budget burger or fuel up with burger of six 100-gram angus beef patties.



Location also is one of the things that one should remember when putting up a business. As for Lock N Load, they’re lucky to have been placed in a strategic location. Where most students and passengers pass by, their target customers basically covers everyone. With regards to reviews, what fears the owner as an entrepreneur is the lack of negative comments. of course, if everything’s all too good, then there may be something to worry about. He thinks that maybe, some does not give negative comments because they are too shy to do so. Because of that, he and his team may not be able to figure out if something’s wrong from the customer’s viewpoint.

As he joins the hype, here are his advice for all of you who would like to venture into the same business:

  • Expect the worse.
  • Know your market and competition.
  • Make friends.
  • Do it for the passion.
  • Don’t expect to become rich in a snap.

Short but sweet.

In one word, Lock N Load’s burgers are “loaded”. Need more explanation? See for yourself.


Lock N Load Burgers & Chills is located at Hilltop Avenue, Kumintang Ibaba, Batangas City (along side F. Baylosis and Scuola Maria).

Never mind the calories, mind your satisfaction.

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