Living the High Life: The Class Of 4 Wheel Drive Tyres

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Living the High Life: The Class Of 4 Wheel Drive Tyres | Life is compared to a journey, because like the physical terrain, it constitutes different topography and obstacles. People keep travelling and this includes traversing different terrains and places. The most used mode of transport is the 4-wheeled car. A car’s optimal functioning requires the smooth functioning of all 4 tyres, as the tyres carry the passengers through all terrain. The concept of a 4 wheel drive or 4WD car represents this ideology. A 4WD powers each wheel separately allowing each wheel to perform to the maximum while working with the others as one unit. 4WD tyres are special tyres made for 4WD cars and other 4-wheeled vehicles.

A 4WD tyre stands apart from regular tyres. They have wider and deeper treads for better grip on uneven or muddy terrain. Typically, standard tyres are perfect for regular roads and highways, but 4WD tyres offer good traction on any surface – dirt, snow, grass, sand, etc. A 4WD tyre may also come with locked differentials, offering better support, grip and comfort efficiency. The treads on a 4WD tyre ensure that most of the tyre’s surface area is in contact with the road, allowing for a smoother drive. Tyres offering better friction also help while applying brakes suddenly for a quicker stop.


A 4WD or 4×4 tyre may wear out faster on regular highways because of the increased resistance. There are several types of 4×4 tyres for each driving situation. People should carefully consider the different types of tyres available and pick the one best suited to their routine commute conditions.

All-Terrain 4×4 tyres

These tyres can traverse all terrains and last longer, striking a balance between highways and rough terrain. People who camp or hike occasionally can opt for these tyres. These tyres can withstand most weather and topography, though there are various types of All Terrain 4×4 tyres. The tyres in this category vary across a spectrum, starting from tyres that offer optimal performance on highways to tyres that provide optimal performance on uneven terrain. The tyres in the middle offer optimal performance on all terrain, but they are also likely to be expensive.

Highway and Terrain 4×4 Tyres

These tyres can offer minimal traction on off-road terrain, but they are better suited to highways and roads. These tyres help traverse routes with occasional uneven terrain. Additionally, these tyres also offer better control over the car in braking situations. They are best suited to roads with sharp turns or curves, providing comfort through all the twists and turns. Their treads are not as deep as the All Terrain 4WD tyres, but this lowers noise levels while driving.

Mud or Off-Road 4×4 Tyres

These tyres are fit for off-roading and uneven terrain, with occasional highway rides. Off-road tyres won’t offer the same quality of comfort on the highway. The topography of the highway road lowers off-road tyres’ efficiency. These tyres offer the maximum grip, allowing the vehicle to traverse steep inclines and slides. The treads on these tyres are spread quite far apart, providing maximum traction. These tyres come in handy during tricky situations, for example, a ditch with sand. The widespread tyre treads allow the sand or mud to pass through, quickly freeing the vehicle from the spot.

Today, several car manufacturers opt for 4 wheel drive models as they offer the most versatility in all driving situations. A 4WD tyre only suits cars with a 4 wheel drivetrain capable of powering each wheel individually. With the increasing popularity of 4WDs, several tyre brands are manufacturing 4WD tyres with different specialities. People should make their choice based on the route they traverse regularly.

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