Helping Your Customers 24/7: 5 Reasons Why Live Chat Might Transform Your Business

live chat | Helping Your Customers 24/7: 5 Reasons Why Live Chat Might Transform Your Business | The traditional model of providing phone support for your customers has been around for years and it remains a popular option but it is costly to implement and run for business owners.

Staffing costs can soon become prohibitive and you also have to try and recruit the right people as the voice of your business, which is why tools such as the Myers Briggs test are used as a way of streamlining candidates.

Another viable option to consider is live chat, which can prove to be very cost-effective and improves efficiency in handling calls when used in the right way. Live chat has proven to be very successful for businesses, even there are now sites that offer random chat service to people who are dealing with loneliness.

Here are some compelling reasons why live chat could help your business as well as your customers.

Lower costs

As already outlined, staffing a dedicated customer support team can get very expensive and can often prove to be cost-prohibitive for smaller businesses who can’t justify the financial outlay.

Live chat customer service has the ability to deliver significant cost savings that compare favorably to phone service.

You also don’t need to employ the same amount of staff if you provide a live chat service, mainly because the majority of live chat agents can handle several chats at the same time.

Good conversion rate

The figures tend to suggest that customers respond positively to live chat and it is an effective tool for generating leads and producing impressive conversion rates when questions are answered efficiently.

Improved customer satisfaction levels

It can only take one badly handled telephone call to lose a customer whereas you have greater control over the consistency and quality of each interaction when you are using live chat.

Customer satisfaction levels tend to hold up well with a live chat option so there shouldn’t b any concerns about choosing to automate elements of the customer service experience.

More accurate data

Another positive aspect of live chat is that it makes it easier to identify so-called pain points, which is the term used to describe an issue that has failed to be addressed or solved.

Live chat gives you a more detailed overview of the thread of conversations and allows you to analyze the data to identify a theme when it comes to pain points.

A fast resolution

Live chat gives you the option of using knowledge bases and helps guides to give customers the answers they are looking for.

Being able to offer a consistent problem-solving customer service can often reflect well on your business and one of the features of live chat is being able to walk through issues while remaining on the line.

Screen-sharing capabilities can transform the customer service experience and be able to resolve even challenging technical issues within one online transaction is something you can often struggle to achieve with traditional telephone support.

Customers are used to carrying out transactions online so it stands to reason that they will be comfortable with the idea of interacting via a live chat facility.

These are just some of the reasons why live chat could work for your business and it could even give you an edge over your competitors.

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