List of Top 4 Screen Recording Software

Screen Recording

Negosentro | List of Top 4 Screen Recording Software | The screen recording software is a great tool to save whatever you want. You are doing an online demonstration and you want to save the video. Or you want to save the specific screen, specific chat, whatever it may be; you can immediately save it on the screen recording software. Now this software is best use in laptops and desktops because windows PC has no amenity to record ongoing conversation or screen. Here we will give you some information about top 4 screen recording software. It gives you freedom to edit, cut, resize and record everything you want. 

IObit Screen Recorder software

This app is specially designed to record what is happening on screen. This can help recording the video and also help in streaming into high definition video. This beautiful software runs smoothly on all types of laptop and MAC. This app gives you feasibility to record entire or free screen recorder. It has customizable keys that let you allow to record and upload quick videos. After this you can do some changes and modify the videos to share in social media. 

ACE-Thinker App

This software has in-built features to record any part of the screen. Ace Thinker has beautiful feature that let you save pictures and record ongoing conversations. This software smoothly runs in all types of PCs. This software has safety feature and private space that help to keep your videos safe from unauthorized access. You can use snipping and trimming tools to resize and trim the videos. it has no limitation of video recording unless you want to. Screen Recording


Screencastify is beautiful software made for screen recorder.  This software is easily downloadable from google chrome. This gives you ample of chances to record any screen videos instantly. No matter it’s an ongoing conversation or you want to record audio only, Screencastify can do all things for you. It is also one best solution for online game players. They can record their live gameplay and achievements and share it on social media to get more likes and comments. 


Vmaker screen recorder is one of the best screen recorders for screen recording videos. Vmaker is available as both a native app and as a chrome extension allowing users to choose their convenient version to record videos. The app allows unlimited screen recording for free without any watermarks. The videos once recorded are uploaded to the cloud and are available instantly. Users can record videos in three different recording modes with both system and mic audio along with screen annotations, mouse emphasis, custom frames, and filters which enhance the videos. The best thing about Vmaker is
that it has an automatic recording scheduler as well which helps you automatically record meetings. When it comes to sharing your videos, Vmaker has one-click sharing to all popular platforms including YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook.


Bandicam is most applicable software run smoothly in all types of desktops and laptops. Bandicam has wonderful features that allow you to record the live streaming game play, lectures, business talks and so much more. Bandicam can capture long videos to view and share them later. This software is easy to use and has user-friendly interface. This can save or record any type of screen in any time of the day. it has beautiful cutting and edging tools which can record the specific part and then save it for later use.

So here is the beautiful information about the online screen recorder. It enables you to save videos and record audios according to your wish. It gives you freedom to save it and use it to share in social media. If you have no idea about such software, I must say use this application for one time. You will definitely get a worth result.

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