Link Building is a Fundamental Step in Increasing Brand Awareness

Link Building is a Fundamental Step in Increasing Brand Awareness
Image: | Link Building is a Fundamental Step in Increasing Brand Awareness | The process of building brand awareness in a digital environment is one that takes all the tools at a digital marketing agency’s disposal. SEO, link building, social media ad placement, and pay-per-click ad placement are just some of the basic tools the agencies use in building a brand’s, reach, visibility and awareness across the internet.

Taken separately, these tools may be ineffective at providing a thorough saturation of a brand name. But collectively, they are effective. Link building is one of the oldest tools in digital marketing. It’s also one of the most tedious, time-consuming, and at times, frustrating tools to use. But when looking at the big picture of building awareness for a brand, it’s essential. 

Relying on Outside Cooperation

Link building is the one tool that relies on the cooperation of outside sources. A digital marketing agency has to ask that an outside website accept the link back to their client’s website for the task to be at all possible. Paying for links is strictly forbidden by Google and can result in a loss of ranking for the client’s website. 

For the digital marketing agency trying to build awareness of a client’s brand, this can be daunting. It’s also why the process is tedious and time-consuming. It’s like cold-calling for salespeople. For every ‘yes’ they get, they may have to accept ten answers of ‘no’. 

But this is also why an experienced digital marketing agency can be so valuable. When you’re performing a function so often, you get good at it. A digital marketer who is practised at link building is able to look at the client’s products and services from different perspectives. This talent provides them with the ability to find fresh, original sources of content in which to request a link. The websites they approach to accept a link, may not have even considered linking to the client’s website. They may see it as an opportunity to increase their own traffic as well. 

Finding New Avenue

Finding these fresh new avenues of content can open the doors to new conversions and traffic on the client’s website. Where a mediocre digital marketer might stick to websites that have accepted links regularly before, the creative marketer looks at the products themselves and thinks of different lifestyle websites that would appreciate the products for different applications. 

It’s the creative ability of digital marketing agencies that creates the value in link building. When you’re interviewing different agencies to provide their services, ask to see some of their client’s backlinks they’ve provided. The links should be spread across a large number of websites. 

The effective use of links in building awareness, is such a fundamental part of the process, that an agency that doesn’t make an effort is selling their clients short. A creative digital marketing agency can use links to connect with an entirely new segment of the marketplace. Link building can be a valuable tool when it’s done right.  

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