Lil Boo: The Healthy Pops in Town

siblings Susan Cecille and Ian Carlo maker of Lil Boo Pops

Patricia Aleckzandra | Negosentro

Ice cream, as we all know, is and always will be a delicious treat to kids and kids-by-heart. And to the duo’s family, the creamy treat was reserved for Christmas and special occasions. Because of this, their mother thought of something that would make the whole family’s week extra special. Every Sunday, their mother would call for them, and they would rush to the dining area expecting a new flavor of an all-organic frozen pops their mother would make. And because they were naturally cute and chubby, their mother named them her “lil’boo boos”. Thus, the name of the business.

Because of their strong determination to be part of the growing number of young entrepreneurs, siblings Susan Cecille and Ian Carlo have found a way to start turning their ambition into reality. An advertisement of a national competition was their stepping stone to be known. The event was actually looking for young entrepreneurs that will showcase fresh ideas for food business, thus the duo marketed their beloved mother’s special frozen pops. Without any second thoughts, the duo grabbed the opportunity and bragged the  Brand Most Innovative citation in The Next Big Food Entrepreneur (NBFE) 2016. Though the duo failed to win the grand prize, this did not stop them from working harder and earning a clear path towards success.

What is Inside the Pop?

Lil Boo Pops

LilBoo do not use any artificial flavoring (Yes! No sugar, vanilla, chocolate or whatsoever flavoring you need!) Yet, each pop is still flavorful as it should be. How do they do it? By simply being organic and staying organic.

From sweeteners to food coloring, all ingredients used are fruits, veggies, herbs, edible flowers and seeds found in our local farms. LilBoo do not only advocate healthy living but also reliving sweet childhood memories. Remember the sweet nectar you pull out from those Santan flowers? Hundreds of Santan flowers were used to create these out of the box ingredients that will add up to the colors and excitement brought by each frozen pop.

This June, LilBoo made something special to make our month happier and healthier with their JUNE SUPER 8 BOO POPS, which include ABOOCADO, FRUITY-BOO, KIWI-KOALA, KIWI-BOO-MELON, MANGO-BOO-YAH, ORANGE-BOO-LEMONS, STRAW-BOO-BERRY, and VERY-BOO-BERRY. Grab and try one now!

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