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Over the last three years, numerous people from all over the world have enrolled in MOOCs or Massive Open Online Courses offered by several platforms like Coursera, Alison and EdX. What is MOOCs? MOOC is a free course with an open access via web. This contains course materials, readings, handouts and filmed lectures of different know universities worldwide. They provide interactive user forums to support community and learning interactions. MOOCs emphasize individual self-paced lessons where participants are given the chance to learn at their most convenient time.

online learning, where to study online, MOOCs
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Benefits of enrolling in MOOCs

1. There are no entry requirements. Anyone who is willing to learn can enroll their self

2. Ideal for independent study accessed via internet at any location

3. Offers a wide range of courses from prestigious institutions

4. Study high quality courses for FREE

5. Interactive and video based

6. Get a certificate upon completion of the program


Providers offering online courses

1. Coursera

Offers 1,563 courses across 28 countries since January 2016. Founded in 2012, courser partnered with universities and organizations to make their courses available online. Aside from courses that will enhance personal and professional growth, they are also offering subjects such as medical, engineering, marketing, physics, humanities and other related subjects. Although mostly free, some of the courses are needed to be paid including their signature track that specializes in your area of expertise.

2. Alison

Started in 2007, Alison was founded by serial entrepreneur, Mike Feerick. It offered 750 courses in ten languages. There is no time limit in completing a certain course. In February 2015, Alison registered its 5 millionth learner, making it one of the biggest MOOC used.

3. EdX

Founded in May 2012 by Massachusetts Institute of technology and Harvard University, EdX is a nonprofit organization that has more than 7 million students. There are various platforms offering MOOCs. You can visit individual sites to view their course lists and see what’s a good catch for you.


Happy learning!

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