Latest Revenue Regulations in the Philippines

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Mitzi Ilagan, Negosentro | Though some people think that paying taxes are so much burden for them. They think that all the money that they pay to the government are just put into waste, or worse, they have no idea where it goes. Taxation is an essential element in a country because it is a way to generate revenue to provide compensation to government officials and employees. Taxes also fun public projects and operations such as building schools, repairing highways, providing free hospitalization, and the like.

As a responsible citizen, you must be able to pay your taxes on time and accurately. You must be up-to-date on the regulations set by the local governing body on taxes to be able to do this. Here’s a quick guide on the latest revenue regulations in the Philippines for your reference:

Revenue Regulations

To be able to fully understand these new regulations, attend the 4th Philippine Tax and Accounting Congress on September 14-15, 2017 at Crowne Plaza Galleria and listen to Atty. Eric R. Recalde, Partner and Head (Tax Department) of ACCRALAW as he discusses the Latest Tax Issuances in the Philippines.

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