Knowing The Different Techniques And Opinions Regarding jQuery and SEO

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Image: | Knowing The Different Techniques And Opinions Regarding jQuery and SEO | There are many different opinions, techniques, and resources regarding jQuery which some believe is good for SEO while other refuse. However, considering the benefits and assistance that it provides in web development and the useful features and high functionality that it comes with jQuery is something that by right should be a hot topic for discussion and even for debate.

However, debate or not, the general points remain the same which are:

  • It is highly useful
  • It is extremely popular among the web developers and programmers
  • It makes web development far too easier both for experienced hands and the beginners in web development and programming and 
  • It will make your site content more crawlable and search engine friendly.

All these will affect your SEO efforts in a positive manner and will help your site to find a secured place amongst the first few names in the first page of the search engine results. 

Tips to make jQuery SEO friendly

There are lots of useful and effective ways to make jQuery SEO friendly by the web developers and other programmers. 

  • The most significant one is by adapting to the latest SEO methods and follow the most effective search engine friendly techniques.
  • It is also required buy them to make proper evaluation and study jQuery closely so that they can make the best use of it.

According to the study report of BuiltWith Trends it is found that the usage statistics of jQuery amongst all various available web technologies is the highest. It is also found that jQuery is the hottest web development tool considering both its usage and its growth rate. 

It is found in some of the most visited sites on the entire world wide web and its popularity and acceptance seems to be constantly growing showing no signs of slowing down. In short, jQuery has really and clearly emerged as the essential technology that all web developers, New York SEO Services and programmers must reckon now as well as later in order to go forward.

About jQuery

It is born from a simple desire to streamline programming and especially web developing, making it easier for all. Since its launch in 2006, the most significant attribute of its growth and success lies in its ability to achieve its overall goals. It has also won champions and enthusiasts by delivering the best results as promised. It is highly effective in all aspects of web development and programming that includes:

  • Streamlining the design process
  • HTML document traversing
  • Animations
  • Event handling and 
  • AJAX interactions.

The most unique thing about jQuery is that it is lightweight and fully compliant with the industry standards such as CSS3. 

In addition to the above characteristics, jQuery also has the ability to create plug-ins that will allow the web developers and facilitate in creating better concepts for the content. It will also help in creating:

  • Low-level interface
  • High-level and theme-able widgets
  • Simulations and
  • Advanced effects. 

All these factors help the programmers to deepen and heighten the dynamism of web sites empowering it to enhance the SEO results and search engine results.

Avoiding the common mistakes

In spite of the benefits of jQuery, there are few demerits that most of the web developers and programmers overlook thereby forcing them to make a few mistakes in their web development process. 

  • Frist off all you should know about all those easy effects and flashy tricks that jQuery will help you to incorporate into your web designs. Remember, it can also reduce your creation and make it virtually invisible. This is because it streamlines and automates much of the content handling and coding that are required essentially to make a web page viewable.
  • jQuery holds as much as data possible that the search engines use for retrieving pages out of the view of the spiders. These spiders are actually little agents used by the search engines to locate and pinpoint the content markers. These markers are needed to return the meaningful responses to your users. 
  • When spiders cannot find these content markers in your web page, your creation will not be included in the data returned by the search making your website very hard, if not impossible to find.

With all these possibilities and consequences, it is easy for the programmers and web developers to commit a few mistakes in their web design process. It is therefore required by them to know the tricks and techniques that will help them to keep those important markers in full view of the spiders as well as the search engines. However, these markers must also be made available to the advantages of automating coding with the help of jQuery. 

There are actually a lot of different ways to alter your web coding so that you can accommodate all the needs and best practices of SEO. In fact, web development and programming in general consists of several different yet useful variables that will provide multiple answers to any specific programming question.

Ending with the overall point 

In the end, you must remember the overall point of using jQuery. This is to bring your site content with SEO in mind and to the forefront. You will need to unlock it from inside the JavaScript or the jQuery. 

One way to achieve this is by embedding numerous hard links and anchor tags with the href. However, in order to make this process work as desired you will have to place the links within the HTML source but that is not called by jQuery.

You will also have to work on the usability and SEO and maintain it in your website development portfolio. This can be done effectively and successfully by using jQuery and by multiplying the anchor tags. 

Apart from that you must also focus on accelerating the page loads by using hidden divs. However, while using this method you must also keep in mind that though this technique may work but it may also jeopardize the metrics reporting of the page.

Therefore, always consult with an expert to be successful in various areas in web development using jQuery.

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