Know in details about ADHD disease diagnosis and treatment

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Image source: | Know in details about ADHD disease diagnosis and treatment | ADHD is a disorder that affects the brain of a patient. Normally, children face such disorders and parents have to deal with them in such a way that they can improve their behavior and concentrating power. His behavior also changes and you will have to see whether there are symptoms of ADHD or not. ADHD cannot be treated but there are treatments that will help the patient to get relief from its symptoms. You can go for various types of treatments which include medication and behavioral treatment. Let us first discuss the ADHD treatment given through medication.

Stimulants for central nervous system

Major solution to get relief from ADHD symptoms is taking stimulants related to central nervous system. The stimulants help to increase norepinephrine and dopamine which is a chemical present in the brain. When the amount of both these chemicals increases, it helps the patient to concentrate on the task given to him.

Some of the stimulants are listed here.

  • dextromethamphetamine (Desoxyn)
  • methylphenidate (Concerta, Daytrana, Metadate, Ritalin)
  • dextromethylphenidate (Focalin)
  • amphetamine-based stimulants (Adderall, Dexedrine, Dextrostat)

Non-stimulants medication

There are situations when stimulants do not work for some patient. In such a case, doctors prefer non stimulant medications. Non-stimulants help to increase the production of norepinephrine and the patient can focus on anything that he likes.

Side effects

You can prefer any of the medications but both types have side effects. These side effects can be mild or severe. The occurrence of side effects depends on the dose of the medication given to the patient. Some of these side effects are as follows.

  • headache
  • stomach upset
  • irritability
  • dry mouth
  • trouble sleeping
  • nervousness
  • weight loss

Therapies to treat the symptoms of ADHD

There are many therapies which can be used for ADHD Services. Let us discuss some of these therapies.

  • Psychotherapy Psychotherapy is considered as one of the best solutions for the patient of ADHD. This is an ADHD treatment which helps the patient to live with the disorder and the patient get the option of meeting with their peers with confidence. Behavior patterns of the child are also improved and they develop the ability of choosing good things for their future. When the psychotherapy is done along with family therapy, the behavior of the child can be improved.
  • Behavior Therapy Behavior therapy helps the patient to change their behavior. This ADHD treatment tells the patient about how they have to behave with other people or things and then they can bring changes accordingly. You and the teacher of the child will have to work together in order to help the child to improve his behavior. The patient responds in different ways to different situations and you have to monitor his behavior. This strategy will help you to take necessary actions to help the patient in improving his behavior. You can also give prizes if the patient gives positive response. This will motivate him to improve more.
  • Training related to social skills The patient may have various problems in socializing with the society. In such a case you can use the behavioral therapy to improve the social skills of the patient. The patient needs training related to social behavior so that he can socialize with other people. They will be able to work with other people with the help of such training.
  • Parenting skills Parents like you have to go through the training so that they can manage the behavior of their child. Here are some of the things that they should know.
  • Giving rewards immediately
  • Spend time with the patient
  • Managing stress


These are some of the ADHD treatments which you can give to the patient of ADHD. The medications can have side effects but the therapies will help them to improve their behavior in a natural way and they can live in the society in spite of having the problem of ADHD.

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