Knitting Machines and their Types and Features


Greg Normandy, Negosentro | Knitting has been in practice for ages, initially, it was done as a necessity; a necessity to knit clothes as a basic requirement to be clothed. With time, the need has turned into a hobby or let’s say, a craft; either to pass some time or to do something creative. As a hobby, the task of manually knitting something can be time-consuming and difficult too. With the advancement in technology, the task of knitting has also been made simpler with the advent of knitting machines.  Knitting machines have made the task easier and quite fun too and also produces fine and intricate designs and patterns.

The new knitting machines are equipped to create different designs on different fabrics, ranging from fine stockings to heavy sweaters. With a variety of knitting machines in the market, it becomes all the more important to choose the right type of machinery to get the perfect knitted fabric that you want.

Knitting machines and their types

Basically, the knitting machines are available in three types, the standard bed model, the bulky weight and the mid gauge equipment. Selecting the right model is crucial to get the best results otherwise the yarn might get tangled and create zigzagged knots. These knitting machines can be either

  •    Manual knitting machines
  •    Computerized knitting machines
  •    Punch card knitting machines

Now let us understand the types of knitting machines available in the market and also the features that will make choosing the best suited machine an easier task.

  1.    The circular knitting machine

Most suited for making finer fabrics, the circular knitting machine has an outstanding automation and coordination of functional sequence that decreases the need for manual settings to the minimum.

  1.    The bulky weight model

Also called as the chunky weight model, these machines are generally used to produce heavy fabrics and are ideal to make sweaters and thick yarns. The needles here are 9mm apart and require thick yarns to get the out result.

  1.   The standard Bed Knitting Machine

With needles 4.5 mm apart, this machine is best suited for producing intricate and delicate designs, and requires heavier yarn. For example: – jacquard.

  1.   The mid gauge model

With needles 6.5 mm apart, this machine is best suited for heavy yarns. It is the easiest one to learn and operate. This machine is highly recommended for people who want to move from manual knitting to machine knitting.

  1.  Fine Bed Knitting Machine

This machine is the finest of all in terms of needle width, which are placed 3.5 mm apart. Best suited for very fine laces and stockings, and delicate fabrics, this machine can work wonders with the detailing and delicate fabrics.

Knitting by hand is definitely too satisfying but machines take away the extra time that is needed when working with hand. Machines are faster and give you the satisfaction of creating some of the unique designs and fabrics.

Before deciding up on the type of machine you buy, take into consideration the materials used in the machines, compare the pros and cons of each variety against the others, the gauge you require and the make and brand. These are all essential factors to make before making the purchase.

Sintelli, the world renowned brand in the knitting machine offers the best variety of knitting machines in the world. They offer different makes, the needles material and the best-suited machine for your use. Go ahead and buy the best knitting machine

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