Klaypel to celebrate 17th year with Chance to Win 500K Pesos

Klaypel to Give Away P500K to commemorate its 17th year

NegosentroKlaypel to Give Away P500K to commemorate its 17th year | Klaypel, an art product that is proudly created in the Philippines, celebrates its 17th year. The adventure of the firm began in 2005 as a lovely by-product of connecting between Jela Morales and her mother, Sue Morales. Since then, the company has come a long way.

The purpose of the one-of-a-kind art media called Klaypel, which is composed of wet colored paper, is to give individuals, groups of friends, and entire communities the opportunity to participate in the creative process together.

Sue, the founder of Klaypel, is quoted as saying, “I’d affectionately say that we are in the “dutdot industry” because of how Klaypel is put on each Klaypel kit canvas.”

“In our 16 years in the dutdot business, we’ve seen relationships restored; anxiety surpassed; inspiration bloomed; and so much more. This is the power of each Klaypel art kit.”, Sue adds.

Klaypel is staying true to its objective of igniting hope and inspiring creativity – one color, one artwork, and one narrative at a time, by offering every Filipino artist (who is at least 18 years old) the chance to win up to P500,000 in the company’s annual art competition.

Participate in the “Usbong”-themed “BIGGEST KLAYPEL ART COMPETITION IN THE PHILIPPINES,” which is currently accepting entries.

“Sprouting; budding; growing” is the literal translation of the Filipino word “Usbong.”

Why Usbong? Because Klaypel hopes that by doing so, she will be able to assist artists in reigniting their passion for the arts and provide them with an opportunity to exhibit their artwork to a larger audience.

After the Usbong Art Competition, a culminating event with a themed event called “Klaypel Land” will be hosted in Clark from November to December 2022. This event will take place over the same time period.

You can get more information and register for “Usbong” at this website: www.klaypelph.com/usbong.

Learn the mechanics and Register for “Usbong” here: www.klaypelph.com/usbong

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