King of Flowers: The Rose


Did you know that roses are 35 million years old? According to their fossil, the rose goes back to the time when humans didn’t even exist! It has around 150 species, bet you have seen hardly 5 of them but in reality they exist in 150 different breeds and colours spread throughout the world. Roses are symbolically gifted to express love and care. Red roses depict pure love, yellow expresses gratitude and friendship, white signifies innocence and humility and white lilac roses represent new love. Flowers are the first choice when it comes to gifts. Be it be a bouquet or a room full of flowers or merely single stemmed roses.

There are a number of occasions where roses are not only gifted but utilized. Following are the times you could use flowers as your weapon and win people’s hearts with your old school yet beautiful flowers-

  • Marriage Decoration

We have seen orange and yellow marigolds at Indian weddings, roses and lilies at American weddings and tulips in British ones. Go for a full rose decoration this time, choose amongst the myriads of colours and make it a lit wedding. You can send flowers online to the destination of the wedding, thereby reducing the hassle of actually buying it from a vendor, collecting it and then delivering it all by yourself. This website promises top notch services, they proffer fresh and supple flowers, just as new. On time delivery is their USP, you won’t have to bother yourself time n again asking the delivery guy where the flowers are. They will be delivered right there on time.

  • Birthday Parties

A decent birthday party is what people want these days, clubbing and late-night drinks are more clichéd than the old school roses. Decorate the venue with flowers. Or if you stay in another city and wish to send flowers to your loved one on their special day, check out this website and you will see yourself amidst tons of options. Combine flowers with a cake or a little gift that would enhance the beauty of it. Order your product, sit back and relax now.

  • The Long Distance Gift

Maybe you and your partner live in different cities because you have your jobs there, but you know the pain of long distance. This is becoming a major problem now and you’re getting irritated by it. You feel as if you’re not there for your partner in need. Send flowers to them, maybe a bunch of red roses with a tiny note on the side telling them how much you miss them. How you would give up the world for them and love them for a lifetime. This website is the best online florist you could find on the internet. Just have a look at the catalogue, take your pick and place your order. You can easily track where your order has reached, you will be constantly updated about the whereabouts of your product. They’ll be as soft and new as when they were plucked from the beautiful gardens. You hardly need to worry about anything.

Roses are often considered as the best option when giving to a partner but isn’t it all the same? You love your parents as well as your kids, you can gift roses to anyone at any point of time you like. The nature doesn’t distinguish, then why should you? Let your love flow through the symbolic roses, let them speak the language of love, tell the tales of love you have with your dear one

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