Key Things to Remember About Data Storage and Security


Mark Palmer, Negosentro | Your company’s data storage and security are crucial components of your team’s success. It is vital that you have the right approach and strategy to your data or you could face disasters that are avoidable. Here are important things to remember about data storage and security:

You Have to Start with The Architecture

Your data system is only as good as you design it. In order to have a data setup that works for you and servers your company’s goals, you need to design it with the end in mind. It is a lot easier to make changes at the beginning of the planning process than to wait after everything is set up.

Ask yourself how much you need to scale in the coming months and years ahead. What kind of capabilities does your data strategy need to support? Which parts of your business will be relying on the data: sales, marketing, accounting, etc.? These questions will help guide your early decisions so you have an agile and workable solution.

Software Systems Can Improve Agility

Speaking of agility, you can gain a lot of freedom with software solutions when it comes to your IT. Traditional hardware is costly and difficult to arrange. And you also need to have someone onsite to make the changes.

With software solutions, you can enjoy the freedom of making IT and other data changes remotely from the cloud. They can communicate with your servers and devices connected on the network. This allows your data and security team to monitor the status from anywhere in the world so they can respond to emergencies quicker. It even opens up the possibility of hiring workers at lower rates who are based in other countries where the cost of living is lower.

Compliance Is Essential

You need to comply with all regulations in your area. Furthermore, there are certain regulations about electronic communications that are standardized to make communication easier between devices. Make sure you are compliant from the start, as it could save you from a lawsuit or a lack of service to crucial clients.

Your System is Vulnerable: Act Accordingly

It is important to remember that your system always has a security threat. These threats can come in a variety of forms. And just because your business may be small, does not mean that you are not vulnerable either. Cyber criminals attack all kinds of businesses.

There are many reasons for this. The first is your customer information. Hackers would love to get their hands on your customers’ data. This includes credit card information, social security numbers, and addresses. That way, they can steal their identity. And if they do this, you will be held liable thanks to letting their data get into the wrong hands.

Furthermore, they may simply steal the list of your customers and sell the emails and other information to competitors. That’s not to mention how your own banking information can be at risk.

Therefore, one of the first priorities you should have is getting your security protocol up and running. Have networking monitoring and stream processing tools so that your team can see if traffic is not adding up. This lets them step in and stop certain attacks before your data is breached. The last thing you want is a PR scandal on your hands before an important acquisition or other move in your market. Make security an item at the top of your list and enjoy peace of mind that you’re covered.

If you want to put your company in the best position to succeed, you have to use your data wisely. Having the right system and processes is what will allow you to serve your clients and stay in compliance. So put the above advice into practice so you can have peace of mind that your data and security are well taken care of.

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