Jobseekers Guide to Getting Noticed by Your Target Company (Infographic)

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Many of us, prior to graduating in college or leaving the current job, has already a target company we want to work for in mind. Though it helps streamline the job-hunting efforts, the stringent competition in the job market makes it harder for many to land the job they want. What is even harder is for them to be noticed by the organization they hope to work for.

Given that you have the most professional-looking resume and you pass the personality, IQ and other initial assessments with above average results, are you sure that your profile will stand out from the other applicants? Will it be able to show the advantages you can bring on the table under the scrutinizing eyes of the hiring manager?

Nowadays, even if you have a good scholastic records or accolades from the previous job, it does not guarantee that you will get the job from the target company you aspire to work for. But thankfully, there are other ways you can employ to increase your chances.

To summarized it, here are the key takeaways from the infographic below which presents simple yet actionable ways to get noticed by your target company today.

  1. Gather all the information about your target company and the job opening you are applying for to help you prepare compelling answers during the technical and final interview.
  2. Engage with your target company through different channels like commenting on the blogs on their website and liking their updates on their LinkedIn profile.
  3. Network with key people inside the company that is relevant and can influence your job application.
  4. Get an internal recommendation from the inside employees you managed to network with.
  5. Establish your worth by giving actionable solutions to problems that your potential team is currently facing.
  6. Ask questions that are relevant to your job.
  7. Give them the hiring manager a token of appreciation that is related to their interest.
  8. Seek the help of recruitment firms.

To know more about this topic, check the infographic below from Phil. Exeq Search Solutions

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