JellyChip: Chat App With a Purpose

If there’s one smartphone application that’s present in all people’s phone, that would be a chat application. Chat apps have leveled up the messaging experience of users. From simple text communication you can now express your thoughts and feelings using emojis, animated gifs, shared photos and videos. But did you know that there is an app that lets you chat, share photos and share snaps while at the same time allows you to help make a difference in the lives of the socially disadvantaged for free?

JellyChip is the first app of its kind to merge social networking and charity to create a global community of givers. The premise of Jelly Chip is inherited from Samantha Feinberg:

When You have more than you need, build a longer table not a higher fence.

The chat app allows you to send instant messages, share snaps of your daily lives, and answer surveys and trivias for fun. Each of these features in the app allows you to earn points for free, which in turn you can use to buy gifts for donation. Gifts require a number of points before being given by JellyChip to their charities, which you and your fellow users have to earn and donate together for.  If there is a specific cause you want to help out in, be it saving nature, helping kids in need, or feeding stray animals, JellyChip has given users the power to vote for gifts as well.

The Philippines is one of the biggest users of social media in South East Asia and also, one of the biggest countries with charity volunteers. With these attributes, the country caught the attention of the global brand, JellyChip. JellyChip has chosen Muovere Veloce Consultancy Inc. (MVCI) to represent them here in the Philippines. Working hand in hand, the MVCI and JellyChip team aims to help Filipinos one charity gift at a time.

Download the JellyChip app now and earn 50 points when you use the code 30311-31246. JellyChip is available on IOS via AppStore and PlayStore for android. For more information, visit their website at

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