Jacqueline Whitmore for the 16th ALS: The Know-Hows of Leadership Branding


Mitzi Ilagan | Negosentro.com

In the digital age where most millennials take over the workforce, social media plays a great role in how they identify and brand themselves/ Basically, social media has taken over everyone’s lives already. In the business world, personal brand matters, too, as it is one of the tools in positioning yourself for the success of your career.

Jacqueline Whitmore, a certified speaking professional and international etiquette expert, emphasized this need, that personal branding has an effect on your business. During the press conference for having Jacqueline Whitmore as speaker for the 16th Achievers & Leaders Summit, she gave an idea of what she would be discussing over the sessions of her talk. First off, she identified herself as someone somehow different compared with other etiquette experts because she speaks from the heart, and is more into personal details. That holds true because during the press conference, she started off talking about her family and how and where she developed her personal branding.


For the 16th ALS, she spoke in two sessions entitled “How to Manage Personal Brand with Poise, Presence, and Polish” and “How to Succeed in the International Business Arena“. She talked about personal branding not just on the outside, but also for the inside. In a world where people judge you by how you act, her speaking engagements would help you improve they way people perceive your brand, especially to your customers. Through her book, Business Class: Etiquette Essentials for Success at Work, one could gain more knowledge on business etiquette, as in keeping professional relationships harmonious, productive, and manageable.



With the theme Creating Leadership Value, the 16th Achievers & Leaders Summit aimed to enlighten its guests through the talks of experts and thought leaders of their distinct fields and subject matters. These include motivational speaker, Bo Sanchez; international business etiquette expert, Jacqueline Whitmore; and former Morgan Stanley CFO, now Chairman of International Care Ministries, David Sutherland; Chief Executive Officer of Investors in People Philippines, Gerry Plana; Managing Director of DSM Manila LLP, Carlo Mata; and Chief Learning Engineer of LinkOD Solutions, Luigi Mapa. This was a good opportunity for leaders to level up as they boost their competitive advantage though an authentic and powerful leadership brand.

The one-day leadership summit was held in EDSA Shangri-La Hotel Manila on November 9.

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