Is There Power in a Handwritten Note for Business Purposes?

Handwritten Note

In the middle of the Digital Revolution, handwritten notes may seem outdated. Using computers to type messages helps businesses work faster and more efficiently. Mistakes are easily corrected and sentences refined on the screen. Messages can then be transmitted instantly in an email or become perfectly printed pages. However, as computers have become more ubiquitous on the business landscape, many professionals have lost sight of the advantages of handwritten notes. Here are a few important reasons that handwritten notes for business purposes are so powerful.  

Handwritten Notes Improve Business Relationships

Sending emails and typing letters is easy. These kinds of messages can be quickly composed and distributed in bulk to save your business time. Handwritten notes are another matter. The act of handwriting is slower and more deliberate as professionals must take time to write neatly and compose their words carefully without the convenience of a delete button, spellcheck, and editing tools. Your recipients understand this and will feel more valued when getting handwritten notes from your business.

The effort you make adds extra gravitas to your words, whether you’re thanking a customer for their patronage or congratulating an employee on a job well done. The sincerity that shines through handwritten notes strengthens the bond you have with your recipients and improves your relationships. Cultivating strong business relationships through handwritten notes can boost sales, loyalty, morale, productivity, and more. According to Handwrytten, businesses who send handwritten notes boost customer retention by 50 percent and increase engagement between sales representatives and clients by between 30 and 50 percent.

Handwritten Notes Become Keepsakes

Commercial emails are usually read and quickly deleted, if they’re ever opened at all; and more than 80 percent never are! Typed business letters typically await the same fate. But handwritten notes are seen as something special, a keepsake to be displayed and treasured. You’ll often see people and businesses proudly displaying handwritten

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