Is the Car Shipping Cost Worth it With Moving Companies?

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Negosentro | Is the Car Shipping Cost Worth it With Moving Companies? | We’re moving!” For many people, these two words invoke emotion and great amounts of stress! In fact, 45% of the population considers moving more stressful than divorce. 

Many people hire moving companies to transport their vehicles in a long-distance move. While it’s an extra expense, some consider it well worth it to avoid extra hassle.

Here’s a closer look at car shipping cost so you can decide if the cost to ship a car across the country is worth it.

Broker or Carrier?

Auto transport brokers gather quotes from different carriers and present them to you. They also work out many logistics for you, meaning you can focus on moving everything else.

Brokers come in handy if a carrier truck breaks down or other delays happen. The broker will simply find you another carrier to use. Because they want your business, brokers will sometimes give you a quote much lower than what you’ll actually pay.

If you decide to use a broker, do some research about their reputation.

Carriers can be difficult to find in the first place. Once you’ve found one, communicating with them directly can be a challenge. It’s also up to you to research insurance and driver records.

While it may end up costing you more than your original quote, a broker usually costs less than working directly with an auto carrier company.

How Much Does It Cost to Ship a Car?

The answer to this question depends on the type of vehicle you own, the distance you will travel, and the type of transport you use. In general, the average cost to ship a car is around $715.00.

Open or Enclosed

Open transport refers to trucks that haul vehicles on an open bed. You’ve likely seen these traveling on interstate at some point. 

Open transport carriers can accommodate more vehicles per trip. This makes them the most economical option for shipping your car. 

Transport using an open carrier means your vehicle will be exposed to weather and road conditions. While this is definitely something to consider, the wear and tear on your car is still much less on an open carrier than driving 1,500 miles!

Enclosed transport, while more expensive, will keep your car safe from external elements for the entire travel process. If you’re ok with a small scratch on your car, open transport is likely your best option. If you’re transporting a classic vehicle that holds great value, closed transport is better.


While driving will almost always save you money, the amount you’ll spend on vehicle transport depends on how far it will travel. For example, to ship a midsized car from Chicago, IL to Los Angeles, CA (about 2,000 miles) costs about $1,200. Driving yourself would cost less but it would take several days, hotel stops, traffic, etc…

Shorter trips, like Vermont to New York (about 340 miles) will set you back about $800. Making that drive will take just over five hours. 

The average cost to ship a car per mile ranges from $2.40/mile to $2.72/mile.

Some sites even have a car shipping estimator tool for you to use. Such tools are quite helpful for finding a ballpark cost for your exact locations.


Your time is worth something and should be factored in the cost to ship a car across the country. While it does cost more to use a car shipping carrier, you’ll definitely save time. 

Most people can drive 300-500 miles in a day. If your trip is much longer than this, you’ll have to account for costs like lodging and food. 

The dollar amount of hotel, food, and gas usually doesn’t exceed the cost of shipping a car. If you consider the time spent, however, there’s no comparison. 

With at least one week’s notice, you can book an Nexus auto transport carrier to take your vehicle. This eliminates the need for you to drive for days on end. 

If your time is your most valuable asset, car shipping costs are definitely worth it!

Type of Vehicle

Shipping costs vary with the type of vehicle you have. Because sedans are smaller and lighter, they cost less to ship. Standard and compact cars take up less space on a carrier, making them more economical to transport as well.

Due to weight regulations, heavier vehicles cost more to transport from one place to another. Because they weigh more and take up more space, transport companies make less money off of moving them.

It’s important to do your research about the cost of your specific make and model of vehicle. An online car shipping cost estimator is a good tool to find cost differences between heavier and lighter vehicles. 

The Risk Factor

Anytime you’re moving from one place to another, risk is involved. You risk tripping on the sidewalk when going out to get the mail. You risk a car accident each time you enter a moving vehicle.

That risk increases with each mile you drive. The risk of car trouble also increases with each mile traveled. You’re much less likely to experience car trouble on a 150-mile trip than you are on a 1,500-mile drive.

Entrusting your vehicle to a moving company also carries a certain amount of risk. That’s why companies carry insurance. Always read the fine print to see what’s covered by your vehicle transport carrier’s insurance.

Talk to your insurance agent to find out what your policy states regarding vehicle transport coverage.

Making long-distance treks in your vehicle will cause minor damage and wear and tear. If you’d rather not subject your car or truck to the elements of road tripping, car shipping cost is 100% worth your peace of mind.

Car Shipping Cost vs Driving Cost

An average 1,000-mile road trip costs about $500 to drive. This takes into account gas, food, and lodging. To ship a standard sedan 1,000 miles costs roughly $1,150. 

There’s no question the car shipping cost is more in dollar amount. However, the time, hassle, and decreased risk are things that don’t have a price tag.

So, is hiring a moving company to ship your car worth the money? To answer, you simply need to ask yourself, “how much is my time worth?”

If the value of your time is greater than the dollar amount, shipping your car is definitely worth it for you.

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