Is It Time to Outsource Your Digital Marketing to an Agency?

Guide to Outsourcing outsource Your Digital Marketing

Negosentro.comThere are many services that a digital marketing agency provides which Amazon sellers often try to do themselves. This is a difficult thing to overcome for many sellers with only a few products being sold. They often want to keep their costs down as much as possible as they know it affects their bottom-line. However, when it comes to what an agency can deliver in the short- to medium-term, that can be a little shortsighted. 

In this article, we look at what services might be useful to outsource to a digital marketing agency and if there are discernable benefits to doing so. 

Managing Pay-Per-Click Advertising Campaigns

It’s very difficult for any seller to be good at pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns. This is because it’s a specific skill set that’s required which is difficult to duplicate. Many people try and fail with running their own PPC campaigns. Not only do they have to understand the technology behind online advertising, but they must be an excellent copywriter too. They tend to hemorrhage cash as they try to learn the ropes from scratch and figure it out as they go.

Understanding what keywords are worth bidding on is an art form. While it might seem obvious to use the most popular keywords, they aren’t usually the most profitable. This is because they cost too much for each click, so even though the clicks convert well into buyers, the cost of each sale is too high.  It seems like the opposite would be true, but often it’s not. 

Outsourcing advertising management to an agency means it’s important to choose a PPC agency with plenty of experience. This way, they’ll learn your market, discover the most profitable keywords to use for advertising purposes, and get you a positive return on your ad spend. 

Ranking Seller’s Site

An Amazon seller should have their own website. Not only does this mean they can more easily collect email subscribers and control their promotions, but it provides another sales channel outside of Amazon’s control.

When hiring an agency to rank the seller’s site, it provides an opportunity to find likely buyers before they reach Amazon (or another e-commerce site). They can effectively be pre-sold on one of your products and if you cannot sell directly from your site, at least you can send them to your product page on Amazon. This drives new sales, which helps the sales rank, and when done enough times will get Amazon’s attention as a hot selling product too. 

Increasing Visits to Product Pages

Beyond having your own independent website, also look for ways to help your Amazon product pages get more visitors on their own. 

The top search engines (Google and Bing) do a good job in recommending Amazon listed products in their search results. But more can be done to help a product reach the top of the organic search results to increase visitors to the product page. 

An agency can work on the search engine optimization by building links to the product pages to help them rank better for appropriate terms. When combined with the inclusion of relevant search terms in your product’s promotional copy, it’s possible to create a catalyst to boost the traffic that reaches the product page beyond what Amazon generates itself. 

When deciding whether it’s time to outsource marketing to an agency, consider their skillset vs your own (or that of your team). Agency staff spend all day marketing and improving the SEO for companies while your focus is split between different areas of your business that need attention. They can also more easily stay current with best practices as they evolve over time, which is hard to do alone. 

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