Is It Cost-effective to Commission Drafting Services?

Commission Drafting Services

People spend the majority of their time in buildings, so it’s incredibly important to feel comfortable in these surroundings. If you’re building a home, you might be thinking of ways to cut costs in the planning or construction stage. You might be wondering if it is cost-effective to commission drafting services as well. Conceptual design is where architects add significant value when a drafter is skillful and cognizant of factors like safety, accessibility and aesthetics. 

Superdraft architects add significant project value as drafting services help builders create the ultimate user experience by investigating functional layout and design concepts that are unique to occupant needs. Drafters also look for ways to add innovative engineering thought process and environmental problem-solving. Marketplace trends and eco-friendly options like renewable energy or green technology are the types of drafting expertise that is invaluable to clients.

There are three primary compensation methods for architectural drafting services, including fixed fees, hourly or per-diem rates and percentage-based fees. For some architectural firms that provide several drafting and construction services, builders will utilize various payment methods. Before weighing the value of hiring a drafter, it’s vital that you first establish your construction needs as well as the services you will commission a drafting service to provide. 

Fixed Fees

Fixed pricing models allow clients to negotiate fees for drafting services. This fee schedule includes critical variables like timelines, drafting requirements and project concepts that often determine the overhead cost and fixed fee estimates.

Hourly or Per-diem Rate

Clients and drafters often agree on an hourly or per-diem rate. This fee schedule serves as the best form for specialty services, predetermined services, design concepts, drafting field services, renovation projects or illustrations. A standard drafting job can take up to 13 hours and much more for complex designs.

Percentage-based Fees

Some clients opt for percentage-based fee schedules when construction and engineering services are required. The fee schedule often varies on the building type, so commissioning a drafting service could allow for a significant benefit for commercial or residential jobs. Using a percentage-based fee schedule will also include industrial, electrical, structural and mechanical engineering services.

Drafting Services Cost

Draftsman, engineers and architects all learn drafting techniques, so it’s essential to know that hiring a drafter would not be as expensive as an engineer or architect because the latter offers a collection of construction-based services. Drafters create blueprints or new building plans that are innovative yet straightforward for about $150 an hour, but architects charge more than $200.

Some clients want predesigned concepts while others hire a drafter to design unique plans from scratch. Drafting company fees depend on the complexity of a job, size, layout, concept and the geographical area of work. Obtaining digital blueprints are standard, but some firms charge more for printing costs, which is typically already added in the designated fee schedule. 

Because you are investing significantly to build property, it is more cost-effective to commission drafting services than have to correct an honest error made from a lack of industry knowledge.

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