Is Dublin, Ireland a good place to study?

Dublin | Is Dublin, Ireland a good place to study? | Apart from being the home of Guinness and some of the best-known Nobel Prize winning writers, Dublin is also one of the top destinations for international students. With its warm and welcoming culture, the city attracts students from around the globe year-on-year. 

The Irish education system has been hailed as one of the leading ones in Europe and has also played an important role in creating a flourishing economy in the country. If you’re an international student looking to study in Dublin, Ireland, below are several reasons why you should make the move: 

Rich heritage 

Dublin has a variety of museums, castles, heritage structures and architecturally delightful buildings, making it a hub for culture and history. This has made the city a favourite amongst students pursuing artistic subjects.

Cosmopolitan crowd

With Dublin being the Silicon Valley of Europe, international students arrive from across the globe enabling it to have a great mix of people from various cultures and countries. As an added benefit, the city offers access to cool shopping lanes, quality restaurants and vintage pubs.

Well connected

One of the most important aspects of a city that students look for when choosing a study destination is good transportation links. Dublin is well connected with DART, bus services run by Bus Eireann and the Irish Rail. 

Student friendly

Dublin has numerous renowned academic institutions which attract a diverse student population. With access to countless cafes, libraries and a vibrant nightlife, Dublin is a popular choice amongst the student community.

Easy visa processing

Since Ireland is an EU and EEA member, citizens from other states in the unions are permitted to travel without a visa. Even if you are not a citizen of an EU or EEA country, Ireland has amicable relations with many other countries, meaning getting a visa is relatively simple.

Easy access to Europe

If you’re thinking about undertaking a backpacking trip or spending time exploring Europe, then studying in Dublin will help you to do so. Choose a quick flight or well-connected trains for a weekend trip to Europe. Getting back to university by Monday is easily accomplishable!

Best student scheme

The Graduate Visa Scheme provides students with the opportunity to stay in Ireland for up to one year after graduating if you’re finishing an undergraduate programme and two years if you’re completing a master’s programme. 

Universities also offer work experience as part of their curriculum to help students develop real-time knowledge and expertise for their future jobs.

Fabulous festivals

Dublin celebrates arts and culture like no other city – no matter what your taste is, the festival choices are endless here. 

Explore more reasons why you should start planning your student life in Dublin here! 

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