Is An Open Plan Office The Best Choice For Your Business?

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Open-plan offices can bring a number of benefits as well as some limitations to your business, but is it right for your industry? In this article, we will be looking at whether or not an open-plan office is the best choice for your business structure as well as the industry that you are in. 

Promotes Open Communication 

When looking int an open plan office design, it is important to consider the amount of communication you would want from your workforce. Though this is great for open communication in a creative field it can lead to an increase in noise around the office. This is perfect for a pod system however as everyone you work with on a daily basis is around you and on hand to help meet deadlines. 

Encourages Productivity

In addition to this, an open plan office with a high-quality Bisley office furniture range can help to make workers feel comfortable. This helps to increase productivity as they will be comfortable and can communicate with team members without having to move around the office. An open-plan office helps with productivity as there is less time spent away from desks with more time being spent on every aspect of the campaign. Though it can take time for the new office plan to take shape it can be adapted to better suit the workforce and the teams that you have in place. 

Can Lead To Lack Of Privacy 

Though an open office plan is ideal for the reasons listed above, it can also have its limitations. Though it is great for business, there are some privacy issues that come along with people sitting so closely together. Whether this is personal emails being read from a computer screen or items going missing, this can all lead to privacy issues that can be disheartening to those working in your office. To avoid issues such as this, a pod system can be implemented with partitions, allowing the team to work creatively together whilst giving them their own personal space. 

Could lead to increased Stress 

An open office style can also lead to an increase in stress. Though this is not always the case, this can leave many feeling stressed, causing them to have time off due to work-related illness. In order to combat this, designing a quiet area or a creative area for people to work in quiet can help to relieve stress and help to resolve issues that may be faced when undergoing a task. A quiet zone can be made in a separate room or in another section of the office to provide a productive and relaxing space for employees throughout the day. 

Whether you decide to opt for an open-plan office or not, there are a number of ways that this can benefit your business as well as ensure that communication is at an acceptable level throughout the day to help meet deadlines and complete tasks as a team.

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