Why Install Folding Arm Awnings in a Commercial Building?


Gerry Gozon, Negosentro |  Equipment and attachments that can enhance the living space of either a residential or a commercial building are rising in demand nowadays. Amongst the plethora of commercial building and extended projects and materials available, folding arm awnings are one of the most convenient options to consider. Such canopies are installations that provide the dual purpose of increasing the aesthetic appeal of the area as well as, shielding it against extreme weather conditions. They can be installed in a number of places such as by the door, decks, patios, windows, and so on. As opposed to other types of awnings, the arms of this folding type folds horizontally instead of vertically. Before deciding to install this canopy in your house, it is essential to know its various types and choose amongst them accordingly.


Types of Folding Awnings

Folding awning comes in three basic variations:

  • Open Cassette – The fabric of this awning is rolled up to expose the arms completely. Since, there is a lack of protection. Hence, install it under large overhanging areas.
  • Full Cassette – This is an enclosed awning where even when the arms, roller, and fabric cover are retracted, they are fully protected.
  • Semi-Cassette – A combination of the above two awnings, the semi-cassette provides a ¾ cassette housing. This protects the fabric as well as the awning mechanism. Moreover, upon extending and retracting the canopy, the head box rotates and cleans the fabric cover through the integrated brush.

Top 5 Benefits of Folding Canopies or folding arm awnings are:

In addition to providing protection from environmental elements such as harsh rays of the sun, rain, and wind, the various types of folding canopies have a number of other benefits to offer. These features include the following:


A great advantage of these awnings is that they can adapt to your living space according to your specific requirement and provide shade and protection from rain and wind. This flexible nature of folding awnings makes them optimal for either as a patio cover or as an aesthetic attachment to the house.


Since folding arms awnings are not fixed permanently at a structure and can be folded and stored when not in use, they pose as a highly convenient option in households. Thus, you may either install them over the pool or put as an extension to the patio during special occasions and during summers, and store them away when it is not required.

Low Maintenance

Owing to their sturdiness and ability to withstand all weather conditions, folding awnings is highly low in terms of maintenance. Upon minor regular maintenance, they can last for years without showing any signs of malfunction.

Lower Energy Costs

By reducing the amount of heat and light entering the house through windows, awnings also help reduce the energy spent on cooling the house during winters. This in turn helps save money on energy bills.

Aesthetic Appeal

In addition to its functional aspects, awnings also help enhance the aesthetic appeal of the house. Available in different colors and patterns, these canopies are highly in trend owing to the excellent look they provide when they are installed in outdoor spaces.

While these features make folding canopies a great option for enhancing the living spaces, it is essential that you get it from a reputed brand or a company. This would ensure that you are investing in a quality product because only that is long lasting and durable. The professionals of such a company would also be able to guide you through the process of choosing a suitable awning for your particular needs keeping in mind your budget.

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