Industries to Learn Affiliate Marketing from

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Image Source: | Industries to learn affiliate marketing from | Recent decades have witnessed many incredible breakthroughs in technology, shaping the world as it is today. Just merely 30 years ago, the internet was a rarely known concept while digital technologies were hardly used on a daily basis. Nevertheless, today, our day to day lives are almost unimaginable without smartphones, tablets, laptops, and smartwatches. There are so many of them that we find ourselves present on the web almost at all times. 

This process of digital adaption has gradually overtaken the entire planet. Young people born in the mid to late 1990s, as well as throughout the early 2000s, were brought up in an ever-globalizing, digital world. Surrounded by the rapid progress and innovation, their consumer and general social habits ended up being drastically different from previous generations. 

The youngest part of our society is not millennials anymore. Generation Z is turning the globe upside down as their needs and demands are of utmost importance for businesses all around the world. This age group will soon become the biggest purchasing power within the global economy. Therefore, satisfying their needs is crucial. What are their needs? They have many, but digital adaption in every sector is the foremost of them all. 

Industries are rapidly changing

Throughout this major socio-economic process of digital adaption, many industries are changing to their very cores. Some are being completely transformed while others simply shift their focus towards other areas. For instance, the financial sector remains one of the most affected areas of the economy. Being a major driving force for the vast majority of nations, it is still going through an unprecedented transformation, making its services increasingly digital. 

There is hardly a commercial bank around the world these days without a mobile or a web platform. Services that just some time ago required visiting a bank branch are now available on our smartphones, at all times and from all locations. Fintech is now leading the industry as this innovative niche is expected to soon have more active users than the traditional part of the sector. 

Forex trading is now one of the most dynamically growing parts of the financial industry. This is almost solely thanks to the technological revolution that has been occurring over the past few decades. As trading moved online, a range of brokers took their chances and increased earnings as the business opened up for millions of new customers. One of such companies, XM rated here, has managed to grow its core completely based off of the internet. Now it is well-respected and a widely recognized entity, present in a range of countries all across the globe. 

Affiliate marketing is the result of the tech revolution

The modern marketing world is digital, fast, and absolutely thriving. The internet gave companies the biggest yet platform to advertise their products and services at low costs while reaching greater audiences than ever before. Businesses are now almost exclusively promoting their brands online while TV and radio commercials are slowly dying

Affiliate marketing is a natural continuation of the industry’s digital adaption process. This type of marketing activity occurs when an online retailer or a brand pays parts of the sale or a fixed rate to another party for referral sales. In simpler words, a media outlet advertises a local shoe company, they will receive a certain amount of money if people purchase footwear through the latter. 

There are countless small and big businesses that use affiliate marketing. After all, this is a very lucrative yet low-cost way of advertising. Therefore, a range of industries is overwhelmingly favoring this means of promotion over any others. 

The gambling industry 

The 21st century has brought casino entertainment into more people’s lives as it has become more affordable than ever before. With the rise of online gambling platforms, a growing number of individuals with different backgrounds are able to entertain themselves with slot machines or card games. 

An estimated 33% of the industry now comes on online players. Therefore, affiliate marketing plays a crucial role in its promotional part. Usually, such schemes within this industry are more player-oriented rather than concentrated on mass ads. For instance, gamers get bonus points or sometimes even real money for signing other people up. This usually is done through sharable links and email invites. 

Online dating platforms 

The online dating industry is completely new to the world, completely dependant on internet interactions and digital gadgets. Apps like Tinder make tens of millions in profit as the size of the sector keeps rapidly growing. Signing up on one such app to find a date is nothing special these days. Therefore, the industry is quite competitive. 

In efforts to stand out and attract more people, affiliate marketing is widely used in the online dating sector. Similar to the gambling industry, users here are also often invited by friends who are already members. Accepted invitations help people make quite a lot of money in this sector.  

Short-term online rentals

The tourism industry is naturally one of the booming ones. More and more people choose international destinations for their annual holidays while business travel is more affordable and fast than ever before. Therefore, there is a growing demand for accommodation, particularly in some of the most visited cities, such as London, Paris, or Bangkok. 

Airbnb completely revolutionized the industry as it became the first successful platform to offer apartments instead of fully-served hotels. This phenomenon became quite popular as many people realized how big of comfort having a home abroad can be. Even for a few days in a foreign city, having your very own space without housekeeping and busy breakfast halls can be simply great. 

Airbnb and other similar platforms use affiliate marketing quite efficiently. This has been Airbnb’s strategy from the very beginning as it started offering 40 Euro coupons for upcoming stays to those who would successfully register a new user. Within this scheme, the company has given out millions of dollars over the past few years. However, such a campaign has been more beneficial to it as the number of new users, choosing Airbnb apartments over hotels, has generated far bigger profits for the company.