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NegosentroGetMyUni is an educational start-up with the aim to bridge the gap between Universities and students. It helps prospective aspirants make the right education choice via student reviews and insights. The start-up offers analytics-driven recruitment and marketing solutions to the colleges and corporates.

getmyuniIt removes hurdles faced by students and provides an online portal to make the right academic choices and pursue their dream career. GetMyUni Specializes in Education Management Software, Social Network, SaaS, Recruitment Solutions, Education Marketing, and Communication and PR.

The portal provides exhaustive information about Colleges, Courses, Forums, Student-Driven Reviews and Ratings, and an interactive platform for students. Latest information about exams and regarding news is updated to help them academically.

GetMyUni is a Times Internet-backed ed-Tech Startup and is one of India’s fastest-growing college search platform. It has more than 12000 colleges with over 128000 users on board. The start-up has come a long way in understanding the various dimensions of education.

GetMyUni offers Business Partnerships with colleges and is a one-stop student recruitment platform. It offers High-Quality Student Leads and Highly Cost Optimal Marketing and Communication solutions. GetMyUni helps students find their right course and university.

The company has a skilled team of data scientists who offer the colleges with highly-screened student leads by mapping the generated leads with universities through data dissociation. The start-up is always determined to deliver the best and works tirelessly towards that.

GetMyUni generates over $1.3M annually and uses 11 technologies for its website. The website has over a million views per month and over 2 lakh reviews on various colleges. It has a team of creative and transformative minds working in perfect sync to create a pathway to better education. 

The company has various campus ambassador programs, strong referrals and product, programs to help with the Marketing and Sales side. It has many students who are willing to help aspirants and hence wrote long, unbiased reviews. It has done a good job in concentrating all the scattered information on the web into one platform.

The data on GetMyUni is a User Generated Content [UGC] and it also allowed for brands and companies to reach to students via competitions. The company receives funding from various investors and accelerators like TLABS, Times Internet. It uses advanced algorithms to present the students with the right set of college recommendations.

The website works on a search basis and the choice of input by the user. It even lists out the colleges based on various survey rankings. “Top B. Tech colleges in India Rankings” is a popular search pattern and the details regarding that will be displayed as rankings on the website. This way the student can make a choice of the top colleges.

GetMyUni has over 150+ employees who are enthusiastic to help students and create a pathway to better education. It is India’s first social college search platform. It has signed up with various corporates as well to organize events at the colleges to stream revenue.

The company organizes many events at various colleges in partnership with many other corporates. This helps to publicize the brand as well as a stream in revenue. All in all, GetMyUni is an education hub which helps prospective aspirants make the right education choice through student reviews, insights and also enables them to acquire valuable industry experience.