Incredible Online Classroom Gadgets For Teachers & Students Alike

Incredible Online Classroom Gadgets For Teachers & Students Alike | Digital Learning has gained immense popularity since the rise of the pandemic. A study showed that about 77.1 of the responses deemed online learning useful. 

With almost every country switching to online alternatives for teaching, meetings, classrooms, etc., the demands for the tools to enhance these virtual gatherings almost sky-rocketed. And why wouldn’t they? I mean, what teacher would not want a smooth, lag-free, mobile online experience? As a matter of fact, “online educational resources are seeing a large spike in users to help supplement their learning,” says MindFuel. And even now, with lockdown ending in most areas, online meetings and classrooms are still held along with the introduction of Hybrid teaching, allowing teachers trouble-free coverage of the syllabus. Or to clarify different queries of their pupil. Infact, “The share of K-12 schools in the United States who used hybrid teaching methods has increased since September 2020” says Erin Duffin. For this reason, JOYUSING’s website provides you with all those staggering online classroom tools to make that virtual/hybrid session worth attending. So, without further ado, here are some remarkable gadgets that will enhance your online teaching or learning experience.

Document Cameras

Before jumping into the main pros and cons of doc cameras for teachers or students, there is a need to understand how a document camera works. A doc camera is a device that allows for the capturing of video in real-time. A question that frequently comes up to many minds is: “Why should I use a document camera when I have my laptop’s (or tablet, etc.)?” Well, for one, doc cameras allow for the streaming of video in HD perfection.Doc cameras work with the help of JOYUSING’s visualizer software. Such a program enables the teacher to record classes. Or to use annotations for the lecture’s enhancement. It allows for the zooming of specific sections during a classroom and supports OCR (Optical Character Recognition). Best of all, the Visualizer software works with Mac, Windows, Chrome OS, etc. 

After installing the visualizer software, connect the doc camera with your PC or the device from which you’ll conduct your online class. Read the software manual beforehand to know how to operate it. Once that’s done, you can now stream away! And I know the thought is still coursing through your minds, i.e., “Why a document camera?” Well, as said before, it allows for high-definition streaming. Moreover,

  1. The auto-focus feature ensures stable visuals throughout the session.
  2. Their built allows them to change their camera’s view smoothly. Whether you want to switch the camera angle or you want to remove the field of view from the tabletop to a whiteboard, flexible document cameras enable you to do that with ease. Try doing that with your device’s camera. 
  3. It provides a built-in rotation and a magnification with little to no pixelation.
  4. You’re able to perform picture-in-picture online classroom sessions, sharing and viewing multiple files at once. 
  5. Paper solving is much simpler online with a doc camera than any other one.

Remember that these are only some of the features and pros a document camera gives to you. As for the cons, there isn’t much of one besides the additional cost of buying the camera. 

Ultra HD 4K Webcam

What more do you need than a webcam to deliver that realistic classroom appeal? As the name suggests, by far the most noticeable feature this device provides is remarkably high video quality. Why is it important? Well, riddle me this. Would students tend to like an online session where they have a hard time seeing the board, or one where they can see with perfect clarity? I’ll let common sense answer that. With this Ultra HD 4K webcam, you can conduct your class on a white/blackboard giving your students somewhat of a “real class” vibe.

It’s an equally important must-have for students, considering it would allow for better face-to-face communication with the teacher. An Ultra HD 4K Webcam also has a built-in mic allowing more effective voice transmission from your end to your students. Moreover, the large viewing angle enables the students to see to a greater extent. And it provides the teacher a larger space to work.


If you’re a student, and you’re the one who is willing to be serious in your studies, you’d probably want the best of the best online class experience you could get. One of the factors that affect such an encounter is the audio . . .specifically, the teacher’s voice. If you can’t effectively hear their voice, you’re not going to get much from the lecture. What you need is a tool that can deliver audio with utmost perfection. Similarly, if you’re a teacher, you’d want to be audible to your online pupils regardless of standing far away, like near the board. Therefore, a speakerphone would be the ideal instrument to cater to both needs. JOYUSING’s speakerphones have a wide voice pick-up range with Bluetooth/Wi-Fi connections. It delivers the audio in perfect quality thanks to the features of canceling echoes, noise suppression, Smart microphone technology, etc.

The connection of such devices is no confusing job. It’s pretty simple. Since it is a Bluetooth tool, pair up your device with the speakerphone. And voila. You can now proceed with ultra-clear, appropriately amplified sounds. Is it that important to have a speakerphone? Well, it’s up to you. But most devices that conduct the conference are not equipped with a powerful speaker. So, you’re going to need it if you want to have that crisp, flawless audio.

All-in-one Video Conferencing Tool

Finally, if you want to save yourself from the hassle of buying various devices for different aspects of your online class, All-in-one Video Conferencing Tool is a best choice. Such a device has multiple features we’ve mentioned so far, including a microphone, a speaker, a webcam, etc. But these aren’t just ordinary ones. With such a tool, you can rest assured that your class would be streamed in 4K Ultra High Definition. Its advanced DSP ensures the removal of unnecessary background noises and assures your students would hear only your voice. And, this device even includes a wide range of voice pick-ups and a large viewing angle. So, what are you waiting for? Enhance your online sessions now!

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