How to Incorporate Sweet and Fit Stevia in your Healthy Diet

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Negosentro | How to Incorporate Sweet and Fit Stevia in your Healthy Diet | Living a long and healthy life means living a healthy lifestyle. It is not something that you accomplish overnight. It requires a sustained effort over a prolonged period of time. It requires habit building and making the necessary sacrifices to stay on track.

In terms of maintaining a healthy diet, living a healthy lifestyle means having to limit the intake of sweet and savory foods. As those on diets will often share, this is one of the most difficult things to do. The irony is that often the best-tasting food is also the least healthy, so people are reluctant to give up something that enjoys so much.

One of the most common and least healthy ingredients you can find is sugar. Sugar has a lot of calories that can contribute to unwanted weight gain. It also displaces complex carbohydrates from nutritious food that provide vitamins and minerals in exchange for simple carbohydrates that have little to no nutritional value. Often, people look to substitute sugar as one of their first steps toward a healthier diet.

There are several sugar substitutes out there, but most are made artificially in a lab. The good news is that there is an organic alternative that is sweeter than sugar but is void of its health drawbacks. This organic alternative is Stevia.

Sweet and Fit Stevia

sweet and fit stevia

Sweet and Fit Stevia is grown and harvested locally at the Sweet and Fit Stevia Farm in Brgy. Tambobong, Bocaue, Bulacan. According to the Food and Drug Administration of the Philippines, Sweet and Fit Stevia was the first registered stevia powder. It has no cholesterol, no calories, no carbs, and is 100% natural. Most importantly, Sweet and Fit Stevia has no bitter taste, making it a suitable substitute for sugar. Sweet and Fit Stevia is perfect for those trying to maintain a healthy diet.

To incorporate Sweet and Fit Stevia, you can use a sachet for simple applications like sweetening your coffee. For other applications, an initial reference is to use 1 cup of Sweet and Fit Stevia for every 3 to 5 cups of sugar a recipe calls for.

It is also important to remember that different ingredients serve multiple purposes. Sometimes, sugar is used as a bulking agent, so you might need to include your own when baking with Stevia. A 1/3 cup of a bulking agent should be suitable for a recipe that calls for a cup of sugar. You can also use fruit puree, yogurt, or egg whites. Stevia may also lead to a denser baked product since sugar helps make cakes lighter. This is counteracted by adding more baking powder than what is asked for in the recipe, Finally, Stevia does not caramelize or crystalize like sugar, so you might have to consider other options if those are required by the recipe.

Though it may seem challenging at first, there are already numerous resources and recipes that you can refer to that will help with the transition from sugar to Stevia. The short period of learning is worth it when you think of what using Stevia as a sugar substitute can do for your healthy diet.

Where Can I Buy Sweet And Fit Stevia In The Philippines?

Sweet and Fit Stevia is manufactured by Glorious Industrial and Development Corporation. Sweet and Fit Stevia products can be purchased at your local Mercury Drug Store, Generika, South Star Drug, and other leading drugstores. It can also be bought at Robinsons Supermarket, Waltermart, Ever Gotesco, Landmark, and other supermarkets nationwide.

For those looking to shop online, Sweet and Fit Stevia is also available on the official GIDC website and on popular online marketplaces.

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Visit the website of Glorious Industrial and Development Corporation at or shop more of their products.

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