In case of a critical situation, send alerts that won’t be skipped or ignored

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Your company relies on the IT department and the help desk to keep systems  up and running. When things go wrong your team often has to deal with frustrated or angry people.

Perhaps you’ve had an outage that was scheduled and sent emails that were ignored or missed by many employees. Or maybe you’re dealing with multiple calls to the help desk about the same unforeseen outage affecting many staff members.

To help improve the information flow between your IT team and the rest of the organization, it pays to invest in efficient business communication software.

Why you need DeskAlerts

Many companies around the world have turned to DeskAlerts to send notifications about system outages, upgrades and other IT issues to staff members.

DeskAlerts is a software solution that lets you send pop-up notifications straight to employee desktops, bypassing the email system entirely.  No matter what application your employees are using at the time, they will see your message.

You can use it to send messages in advance about any IT outages such as scheduled maintenance and system upgrades.  This can even be done at scheduled intervals, for example giving people a week’s notice, then the day before, then around 30 minutes before you take systems offline.

When you do have an unexpected outage, you can quickly alert all your employees to the situation and tell them of the estimated time of restoration, If this information changes you can simply send another alert.

Different templates can be created for different outage scenarios ahead of time that only need to be populated with the relevant information when you have an incident – saving you lots of time.

Target niche audiences

With DeskAlerts you can either send to the entire organization or to specific groups. So if there is an outage affecting one office site in one city only or issues with software that only particular teams use, then you only need to send the notifications to these targeted users.

And if there are known threats such as ransomware, viruses and malware doing the rounds and causing chaos for other companies, you can quickly alert your own employees and provide them step by step instruction on what they need to look for and what they need to do to keep your systems safe.

Sending DeskAlerts notifications takes the pressure off the IT department and the help desk staff  when there is an outage, freeing you up to be able to solve the problems instead of answering multiple phone calls to provide the same advice many times.

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