Improving your Company Culture


Emily Smith, Negosentro |  Whether you need to attract new talent, or improve your current staff morale, focusing on your company culture has become a hot topic. Making big changes to your company culture can seem daunting, but by making bite-sized changes you can gradually make a difference that will improve your company long into the future.

Consider your company mantra and shout about it

Who are you, what do you offer to the industry and what are your targets? Make it an integral part of your company mission statement. Drill your company’s motto into your training and your day to day work, but most importantly make it something you believe in and that empowers you. Without a company mission statement your team could lack focus, by putting a strong statement in place you will all work towards the same goal and everyone will know what is expected of them.

Make sure your team are mobile

Sitting at your desk all day reduces productivity, so consider a sit-stand desk arrangement instead or limit internal emails to encourage your team to move around the workplace environment to support collaboration. Ensure your team get together at least once a week for a quick huddle/catch up to keep deadlines on track and to promote healthy conversation.

Simple and inexpensive perks

Supply tea and coffee for your team, if you can stretch to an office coffee machine it would be a great boost to your team morale, and as a by-product will likely save your electricity bill from the kettle boiling and your staffs time, as the ‘drinks round’ will be more efficient. Offering treats, such as an early finish on a sunny day or a company party, can also help to make for a happier workforce.

Targets and training

Offering achievable targets and career improving training programmes to your existing staff as they can often feel overlooked. Setting up online training programmes are a cost-effective way to train your staff whilst minimising disruption to the day to day running of your business.

By taking the time to evaluate your company culture, you’re able to assess what works for your business and what motivates staff to perform to their best. Small and non-budget breaking changes can make some of the biggest changes in how your employees and company works.

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