Important Dates and How to Celebrate Them

Important Dates

NEGOSENTRO.COMIs another anniversary coming up soon and you are fresh out of ideas on what to give your sweetheart? Or maybe your friend finally got their dream job and you need some inspiration on what to get them. You’re in luck because we’ve just come up with a few ideas that will help you get the best gift for another special occasion. Moreover, if you’re planning to celebrate another important date and you can’t really figure out what would be the best way to do it, we’ve got you covered.

Plan a romantic date

What better way to show your sweetheart a good time for their birthday than to take them out to a romantic dinner? One of the options can be a fancy restaurant, where you’d have a violinist play while you two enjoy a delicious meal. If you’re more open to outdoor dates, a romantic night under the stars at a park or maybe a lovely viewpoint in your city would certainly take their breath away. Fill up a picnic basket with some fine wine, a cake and maybe a few snacks if you feel hungry. Don’t forget to buy them a nice present, for the first few dates it’s better to go slow and bring some nice flowers or an interesting book.

Go on a trip

To celebrate the day you tied the knot, or the day you first met your sweetheart, think about going on an exotic trip. A couple’s cruise is one of the great options that will allow you to spend some quality time together while travelling around the world. On the other hand, maybe you’d prefer to explore only one country and go visit Paris for a few days before you go to Provence and marvel at all the wonderfulness of France.

Don’t forget to look for a special gift for anniversaries – those dates are pretty important to your other half so the gift should be meaningful. A good idea would be to order a unique monogram wallet that your special someone will wear for years to come. 

Have a relaxing evening together

If you’re wondering how to celebrate the next Valentine’s Day, when you’ve already been on so many dinner dates and organized romantic evenings at home, consider having a spa day together. You can either go to the spa or have the masseurs come to your home and give you a relaxing treatment that will make you feel fresh and vigorous for days. After the treatment, you can have a soothing bath together while you enjoy chocolate dipped strawberries and a bit of bubbly. A box of chocolate and a tie would be a perfect gift for your man, whereas a box of chocolate followed by her favourite perfume or maybe a watch would make your woman the luckiest one in the world.

Throw a big party

Graduating from college is a huge milestone in life, and it deserves a proper celebration. If your friend or a family member has finally gotten their degree, make sure you throw them an unforgettable party and give them the most fabulous present. If they have a big backyard at their home, think about organizing a big party right there. Plenty of balloons, cupcakes, drinks and snacks along with a DJ to jazz the ambience up would take their breath away. You can always find a venue if their home isn’t big enough and host the party at a rooftop restaurant or maybe a waterfront club. Give them a Parker pen along with a planner to encourage them about finding a dream job.

Organize a celebratory brunch

Landing a dream job is certainly an occasion worth celebrating, so think about organizing a celebratory brunch. Hire a party planner who’ll have the characteristic catering and décor fill the room and have everything resemble the job in question. Balloons in the shape of makeup, cell-phone-shaped cookies, along with creative amenities such as popcorn or even cotton candy cart can be a refreshing detail to a brunch that will be remembered for years to come. A leather briefcase would be a nice gift for somebody who got their dream job.

Final thoughts

Celebrating special dates is a wonderful way to make them memorable. Anniversaries, birthdays and any other happy occasion are certainly worth celebrating, so make sure you always find creative ways to have fun on those days and make your special someone or your friends happy. Don’t forget to look for nice gifts too and show them that they mean to you the most.