Image OCR: Working and uses of image to text converter

Image OCR

It is important to a feel of what OCR is before we go into the details. Optical Character Recognition is the technological concept through which images are converted to text form. The purpose is to extract text from images. Let us go through an example to gain more understanding and clarity. How do you select text in an MS word document? This question obviously has an easy answer. To select the text, you would need to take the cursor to the required position and select the document. This seems quite easy but the difficulty level increases when the file being used is in JPEG, PNG or any other image format. You cannot select text directly in image format files. The lengthy option is rewriting the text present in the image. This option is very time consuming and causes severe exhaustion as well. It is not easy to place the image in front and rewrite the text.

The use of an image to text converter works well for students as well as working professionals. Let us go through the steps of using the image to text converter.

Prepostseo Image to Text Converter – Usage Steps

Users have to go through the following steps when they are using the image to text converter. These steps do not require users to spend a lot of time.

Uploading the desired image file

You need to begin by selecting the required snapshot. Once you visit the link to the converter, browse for the image file and select it.

Conversion Stage

After the image has been selected, the converter would begin the conversion process. The user does not have to give his input for any of the tasks.

Extraction of Text

When the conversion process has been completed, the user would be able to copy the text he wishes to use. In an overall manner, this is a much simpler option than writing the text manually. The simple fact is that this converter does not require user to invest his quality time.

Key important uses of the image to text converter

Following are some of the key uses of the image to text converter.

Assignment Writing for Students

A fact is that image to text converters are useful for students as well as working professionals. When you talk about students, they have to submit assignments and other forms of research documents from time to time. While working on these assignments, students come across two key challenges. One of them is the standard of quality. For assignments, students have to make sure they have met all the research requirements. The problem starts when they have to get data from image files.

  • While working on an assignment meeting the deadline is the biggest concern for any student. Assignment writing requires students to go through several online sources and gather material. Now, when students are going through different files, each of them has a different format. Some files are in image format so the user cannot select text and copy it directly.  The image has to be converted to text form so that it can be selected easily. This conversion is done through the OCR mechanism. Once the image has been converted to standard text, it can be easily copied without any issue.
  • Do you know that the grade of an assignment depends on quality submitted? In addition to that, submission quality is very important for getting a good score. What kinds of problems can students experience if they are not using an image to text converter? The first issue is that mistakes can be made if text is being rewritten. Secondly, rewriting text requires additional time so meeting timelines becomes a problem. An image to text converter provides solutions to both these problems. First of all, you do not need to rewrite text. Other than that, the assignments can be completed easily on time.

Benefits for teachers in preparing curriculums

At the beginning of academic tenures, teachers have to prepare curriculums for which they use files from different sources. Some of these files are in image form so it is hard for them to copy text from them. It is a simple fact that teachers carry a rough schedule. Thus, when they have to prepare course outlines, they cannot afford to write text manually.

  • Teachers have very tough deadlines so they have to save time wherever the possibility is present. Using an image to text converter is a helpful option for them. They can copy text from image files in the most convenient manner without writing anything from the start. With the image to text converter, teachers do not have to worry about spending long hours on typing lengthy text pieces.
  • Preparing academic curriculums for students is not an easy task by any means. A lot of time is required and teachers have to put in a lot of concentration as well. Considering these parameters, the image to text converter is an amazing alternative for teachers. It suits teachers because they are able to extract text from different image files.  In other words, they are able to design curriculums in a quicker and error free manner.


Normally, students get confused and stressed when they have to complete assignments and time starts running out. This usually happens when they come across a task which consumes a large time frame. Extracting text from images is one of them. If you are not using a proper tool, students do not have to write text by looking at image files. The image to text converter would convert the image to text in a convenient manner.

The image to text converter uses the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology. This tool is beneficial for teachers along with students. Teaching professionals are responsible for designing curriculums for which they have to go through different image files. Text has to be extracted from these files. Using an image to text converter is the easiest and most suitable option for teachers as well as students.