How Wetsuits Can Affect Your Surfing Experience

Source: | How Wetsuits Can Affect Your Surfing Experience | When surfing, it is important to remember that keeping warm is the top priority. For those of us that are not lucky enough to have access to warm waters all year round, the wetsuit is the only thing keeping us warm. This is why it should fit perfectly in order to ensure that you are performing at your best at all times. 

It Can Lead To You Becoming Cold 

If your wetsuit is not fitted properly one of the main issues is the temperature of your body. By design, a wetsuit is used to trap water in between the material and your skin in order to keep you warm. Therefore, getting the correct fit for your wetsuit will ensure that you are kept warm when in the water and it is able to fulfil its purpose. 

It Can Affect Your Swim 

Should your wetsuit be too small or too large it can also affect your swim. If it is to small it can restrict movements around the arms and legs making it harder to paddle and stand upon the board. This can be resolved by ensuring that the core of the wetsuit fits correctly. Several manufactures create wetsuits that are designed to fit in the arms as well as the legs and body as snug as possible. This then allows the neoprene to act as a second skin and keep you warm, in addition, the lack of excess materials helps to reduce discomfort and ensure that you can move freely.  

Collar Comfort Is Key

Due to the importance of the core of the wetsuit, the collar must be as comfortable as possible. Should this be to tight it can make it difficult to breath but a loose collar can lead to irritation on the skin. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the collar is comfortable in order to prevent this from happening. When looking for the correct fit, it is important to note that you need it to be tight to prevent water from getting in without affecting the swim.

The Correct Fit 

In addition to irritation around the collar, the arms and legs can also become irritated if the material is not fitted. In addition to skin irritation, it is important to note that a suit that is too large can billow out. This means that the lower back can fill with water making it heavier. This can not only affect performance but can lead to a lack of body heat as a result. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your suit is correctly fitted in both the front and back. This will ensure that you have the movement that you need whilst ensuring your body is kept warm.

Whether you are new to the sport or you are looking to replace your old wetsuit ahead of the new season, you must get the right size to fit you perfectly to ensure optimum performance when out enjoying the waves, regardless of the weather.

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