How Varied Job Experience Can Help You Enhance Your Career

How-Varied-Job-Experience-Can-Help-You-Enhance-Your-Career, Job, Career
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By Ann Gabriel |

Not all graduates end up with a career that matches their degree. Some college degree holders have never even worked in a field related to their majors.

Contrary to the conventional way, the world has evolved by having multidisciplinary knowledge and skills to enhance one’ value in the organization. Having broader experience increases your chance of getting hired.

1. Confidence in speaking to wide range of audience

With experience, you build confidence. You get to reach out to your audience easily and able to customize your message by making it informative and valuable to them. Whether you are presenting or doing a product demo, you can easily relate to them by making it understandable based on their skill sets.

2. Decisive during crisis and complicated situations

People with wide perspective tend to deal with complicated situations with ease. They don’t hesitate when an action is needed. They can analyze situations easier and faster even if it requires analytical thinking.


How Varied Job Experience Can Help You Enhance Your Career, Job, Career
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3. Evaluate company’s product and services

Having wider business background will help you to better understand products, services or processes and its impact in the business. In this manner, you get to be involved in making recommendations and its relevance to the company. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all employees with wide experiences can easily partake in such improvements.

4. Greater options for the future

Possessing broader experience will give you multiple and better choices when you decide to move from one job to another. It gives you the chance to open doors to new career. The knowledge and skills that you have developed from different disciplines will surely benefit your future by making you flexible.  Who knows what career will emerge over the next few years?

How Varied Job Experience Can Help You Enhance Your Career, Job, Career
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Regardless of what your degree says, don’t stop working on what interests you. Continue learning and acquiring new skills. Successful people are those who never stops learning.

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