How Upcoming AI Technologies Will Impact Businesses

How Upcoming AI Technologies Will Impact Businesses

Negosentro | How Upcoming AI Technologies Will Impact Businesses | Artificial intelligence has already had huge impacts on the world as we know it. Even if you don’t know it, you have likely interacted with an AI-based system at some point. AI is getting better, more powerful and more useful every year. As it continues to advance, the impact on business will be significant. The following are a few impacts you can expect.

Autonomous Vehicles In the Supply Chain

They may be a little further away than some of the more optimistic predictions of industry leaders suggested, but fully autonomous vehicles are coming. For typical drivers, this may mean a more relaxed and comfortable ride. In the supply chain, however, the impacts will be enormous. While vehicles are still required to have a human driver, trucks will be able to drive further, longer and more efficiently. Additionally, time-consuming and costly accidents could be avoided almost entirely. Once drivers are not needed, trucks will be able to run around the clock. Self-driving ships, planes and other vehicles will also be very valuable in the supply chain.

Greater Robot-Usage In Manufacturing and Industry

Robots and automation have long been a part of the manufacturing process. However, most manufacturing robots have been very limited in capabilities and, typically, driven by traditional computer algorithms rather than AI. With improvements in artificial intelligence, manufacturing operations are already harnessing more powerful and versatile automation. As these improvements continue, the impact will become more widespread and substantial. It will be especially significant for rapid prototyping and scaling operations.

Even More Advanced Customer Service Bots

In customer service, artificial intelligence is already in regular use with chatbots. However, it is no secret that even the most advanced systems are imperfect. Some may be able to temporarily pass the Turing test, but before long, it becomes obvious that computers are no match for people. As AI improves, it will become increasingly possible to conduct customer service interactions with bots. Customers will have instant, 24/7 access to whatever information they need, and companies will be able to save money and simplify their operations.

AI-Powered Personal Attention In Education

Similarly, AI is likely to have big impacts on the education space. Remote learning and eLearning are making huge headway in education. However, they are far from ubiquitous, and many situations still call for human instructors, especially for younger students. One of the key potential benefits of AI in education is the opportunity to offer students individualized attention that may otherwise be impossible. For example, AI tutors can help students at any time of day and with almost any problem.

Easy Access to AI For Decision Making

Artificial intelligence has some very substantial benefits for analyzing data and making decisions. Historically, highly flexible AI systems have only been available for organizations with a lot of money to spend building supercomputers. However, it is increasingly possible to get an AI supercomputer system that can be set up out-of-the-box and for a much more reasonable cost. As AI technology becomes more readily available, it will have huge impacts on how businesses make decisions. Greater availability will also likely lead to new ideas and innovations.

Artificial Intelligence Fueling All Types of Business Applications

AI is being built into many business applications. Everything from document management to marketing automation to operations management can be enhanced with the use of AI solutions. There are numerous subtle ways that the business world is evolving and improving thanks to artificial intelligence. Software producers can help their customers get more done more quickly thanks to AI tools. For example, AI in a customer relationship management platform may make suggestions to users on when to follow up with leads to get the best results.

Discover More About AI In Business

Learn more about how artificial intelligence is impacting the business world today. With continuous innovations and new ideas, there are lots of ways that companies can improve thanks to AI. Start researching and stay ahead of the curve.

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