How to Write SMS Marketing Messages

How to Write SMS Marketing Messages SMS Marketing Mobile App

How to Write SMS Marketing Messages | Text message marketing is the hot new thing and it’s easy to see why — marketing SMS messages are highly trusted by customers and effective at fostering engagement, brand awareness and brand loyalty. 

A text message service for business can help you build, monitor, and tweak your SMS campaign, often in real time. But you still need to make sure you’re crafting compelling, effective messages for your campaign. Aim for writing short messages that still include an opener, offer, and call to action. Identify yourself so that customers know who’s sending them the offer, and create a sense of urgency to drive sales.

Keep It Short

Most text message services these days no longer adhere to the old 160-character limit for text messages. But that doesn’t mean customers want to read a novel every time they receive a text message from you. Customers will likely unsubscribe from long messages, and some may still have trouble receiving messages that are longer than the traditional 160-character limit for text messages.

Include a Hook, Value Prop, and CTA

Even though your marketing text message is short, you still need to include a hook that grabs the customer’s attention, a value proposition, and a clear call to action (CTA) that tells the customer exactly what to do right now to take advantage of the offer. A clear CTA is even more important when you have just a few words to present your offer. 

Identify Your Company

Don’t assume customers will know which company is behind your text campaign. It’s not like they have your marketing department’s number saved in their contacts list. If your customers can’t immediately identify which company is sending the offer, they can’t take advantage of it, and may not even be able to consider whether they want it. They’ll be confused, and confused customers are more likely to delete your messages without taking action or even opt out of further messages.

Use Trigger Words

Trigger words get customers excited about an offer, by bringing attention to the message itself and driving sales conversions. Some common trigger words include:

  • New 
  • Exclusive
  • Free
  • Limited time
  • One time
  • Today only
  • % Off
  • Special 
  • Save

These words can both serve to quickly grab attention and convey the offer being communicated, but using the right ones can make a customer feel special, like they’re getting access to deals that others might not.

Target Your Audience

You probably shouldn’t be sending the same text message to every segment of your customer base, unless you cater to a very specific clientele. It’s more likely that you have customers across a wide demographic range. Use your text message service for business to split your customer base into segments based on shared characteristics, purchase history, or preferences and tailor your SMS marketing messages to target each segment specifically.

Create Urgency

The benefit of text messages is that they really are a real-time communications medium. People don’t tend to sit around and wait to open a text message — most open their text messages as soon as they receive them, within at most three minutes. Some read text messages even sooner than that.

So you can definitely reach customers with temporary offers that they need to act on now. Most customers will open those messages right away, and the immediacy of text messaging is perfect for encouraging those spur-of-the-moment purchases. Use a text campaign to promote your restaurant’s daily specials, your bar’s happy hour karaoke party, or your boutique’s flash sale. It’s the perfect way to tempt customers into a spontaneous purchasing decision.

Test and Retest

You’re not done composing your marketing text message once you’ve sent it out into the world. You can gather data on the success of your campaign in real time, and you can use that data to tweak your message and improve its performance. Run experiments, changing things here and there to analyze the impact on performance. You’ll learn more about what makes an effective text marketing message for your customer base, and you’ll continue to enjoy increasing success in your marketing campaigns.

Effective messaging is the cornerstone of a successful SMS marketing campaign — and with so few words in play, you have to choose them very carefully. Don’t worry — you can always adjust your messaging and gather more data to achieve the results you desire. With a little tweaking, you can finally get the sales conversions you’ve always dreamed of.

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